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Day 75 aug 12

Day 76 954 am
This week is shopping task week and housemates have to go on a journey of true enlightenment to find there inner soul.
Mean while Ziggy tells Carol why he's getting close to Tracey.

11 31 am. Who ever becomes a "guru" will be exempt for eviction and all the other housemates will be up for eviction. To become guru status they have to have shown the most learning progress.

12.34 pm Big brother has removed all the housemates material possesions..

12.35 Brian and Amanda talk about wanting to see who the Australian housemates were who they were talking to on the BB fish phone. Braian said he will watch the whole show and Amanda wants to know who won/

1.57 pm Brian is in the diary room telling Big brother he finds it hard to trust people. Then immedietly came out and lied to the housemates saying he had won the guru status..

2.28 pm Liam and ziggy are at the caravan talking about Gerry saying they want to beat him as hes a dick and him being arrogent.

2.53 pm as part of this weeks shopping task BB has constructed a "circle of life" monument in the garden.

some of the housemates are in the bedroom and upon hearing the digereedoo they had to ran to the garden and unfold there bodies towards the sun with the sound of the aquarius song in the back ground and in turn each hose mate had to say something nice to each housemate and why they love them which was pre written on a peice of paper which made this very easy for them!!

3.35 pm. Sam is painting Ziggys face and Liam and Tracey talk about Big brothers plans for them with Tracey replying they must "deal with it"

5.11 pm Big brother has asked the housemate to take an IQ test and if they have to increase there test by 10%. Gerry is in his element while teaching Tracey about history. Liam was lecturing in science, Sam and Amanda were lectured in politics with the help of Carol.

6.40 pm Housemates are giving each other lectures to help them with there studies.

7.15 pm Gerry is in the diary room telling Big brother he is ready to go and laughing at Ziggys comment how he wants to be a guru and says he has got a antagonistic side to him and he was like an older brother to him when Chanelle was in the house. He also bigged up Tracey,

10 44 pm, housemates were gathered on the sofa for the results of there self improvement test.They were told they had passed and Ziggy won this task being the person who had the most improvement which he was extreamly gobsmacked and overwhelmed at and has now become an official guru and will be exempt from eviction and has to wear a guru outfit and no longer has to take part in the tests because in the words of Big brother are beneath him!.

11.32 Jonty, Kara and Carol talk about converting to seikism, with Kara asking if gay people would be excepted. Brian and Laim are in the caravan asking if Brian made a mistake going after Amanda with Liam saying he made a mistake kissing Amy and theres was a trait he never liked in her..

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