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Day 79 aug 17th

For failing to win guru status the housemates who are up for nomination tonight are Gerry, Kara, Liam, Brian, Carol and Jonty..

The housemates lost there luxury food budget yesterday because Carol gave the house mates biscuits which was in breach of Big brother rules leaving the rest of the house very fragile and very hungry.

10.16 am, Carol apologies to Gerry after she swore at him yesterday and he aplogised to her and they now have settled there differences.

10.48 am Gerry now is talking to Kara about the lack of food situation and saying it's a unpleasant enviroment and it's going to get worse.
Tracey tells Carol that Gerry is two faced and he annoys her because he swaers at her..

11.23 am. Brian tells Liam if he survives tonights eviction he will go skinny dipping in the pool...

Gerry is doing the cooking and Carol is trying to get involved and telling him that things should be done her way and starts to break down in tears telling him he isd not a domestic slave.

The other housemates are in the garden talking about Carol saying she should stop moaning and that she is so irritaing, and that they could go without food but not her constant moaning..

1.25 pm Kara tells the twins that she does not think there innocent and says to them " I bet your really dirty slop outs" to which they both giggled.. Liam and Brian talks about the twins, Liam tells Brian that what he has with Amanda is special.

1.59 pm. Jony and Gerry are called to the diary room and they were told to bring there teddys "monkety tonkety" and "freddy" with them and told them to leave the diary room. Big brother then told the teddys that will be going traveling and will be photographed at various places and the housemates will have to guess where the location of the pictures are. The rest of the housemates were watchingon the screen and could not stop laughing.

4.40 pm. Jonty gives Sam and Carol history lessons in the dining room while Brian flirts with Amanda in the garden

5.31 pm. Big brother asked two housemates to come to the diary room and the twins rushed 1st. Big brother shows them a postcard forom where the teddys had been and they had to guess where it was and they replyed freddy getting the correct answear and won a stick of rock

6.31 pm. Brian and Laim are in the garden chatting again and Ziggy who is listening to them in the caravan tells them they should get a room! and wonder if there kissing when there silent.They soon join Ziggy and Liam says that it's 50- 50 that he will be evicted and continue with boys chat.

11.11 pm Guru tracey and carol are in the diary room taking part in the teddy task and easily guess where the postcard from the teddys postacrd was from and won a bowl of noodles each.

The twins are in the diary room and Amanda is telling Big brother that she feels like mates more than boy friend and girl friend...

Liam and Ziggy are in the bedroom talikng about Brian and Amanda saying that it will not happen the relationship between them while Amanda is telling Tracey that she is just wants to be a dead good friend with Brian and Carol and tells her that you can still be friends and then become boyfrind girlfriend.

Davina comes to the microphone and tells the housemates " Please do not swear, you are live on channel 4, The two people up for eviction are.................... Carol...... and.............Gerry, To which there was no real surprise from the other housemates, Gerry said " good, im glad," and looked very happy and releaved..
Then, in a BB twist! Big brother interupted through the speakers saying "HOUSEMATES, PLEASE SIT DOWN".
They all sat down quietly. Big brother tells the "Gurus" who are the only housemates who they want to evict. Gerry pleads with them to pick him saying "please evict me,
"DO NOT SAY A WORD . " said Big brother, Gerry ignored BBs pleas and said "I want Carol to win the money, I want to go, I knew there will be a twist and I want to go I want Carol to win the money,.
The other housemates are all stunned. Carol breaks down in tears, but at least these are happy tears for once! so they all unanomously picked Gerry ... Gerry was then, the 10th housemate to be evicted..

He left to a crowd of cheers but you could still hear the few boos. Gerry booed them back and was pleading with them saying "please don't boo me",,
Catch up with the latest tomorrow.

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