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Day 80 aug 19th

It's been a day since Gerry was evicted and Ziggy is on the coutch telling Amanda and Sam, Liam Tracey and Kara that the right person left the house. All the housemates agreed.

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Amanda is talking to Tracey saying that she does not really like him in a boy friend way but more as friends and hatch up a plan how to break it to him,

Heres Brian on the bed with Amanda telling her he wants to" take her on a date" when they get out of the house and asks her if she fancys him, she tells him she's "tired and wants to sleep"..!!......... Will he take the hint now?

Heres carol complaining about everyones eaten the food and accuses Ziggy for taking too much bread. Ziggy tells her she's talking s--- but she carrys on moaning about the bread,

The arguing spills into the kitchen and Carol even admitted it in the lie detector test last week that she enjoys moaning, and she is deffinetly proving and now we know, enjoying moaning

For todays task the Housemate had to outwit big brother in a "Questions and answear contest" between BB and the housemates, they were asked who were all 5 girls allowed band members names and beat Big brother winner pizzas for eveyone.

Liam failing to beat Big brother by asking a Football question..

Heres Amanda telling Big brother that she's told Brian that they are just friends now and seems to be really happy and releived about this..

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