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Day 83 aug 21

It was pretty much quiet because of today's nominations and 3 people are up Jonty, Tracey and Kara..
Today the housemates continue this weeks task called "finishing academy". Sam reads the instructions from BB that today they must learn how to balance a book on there heads and speak proper English,

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Kara starts the afternoon annoying Ziggy calling him Goldilocks which was really getting on Ziggys nerves and he tells her that she is so annoying but Kara continues to annoy him.

Kara takes a good look at her self while Ziggy is talking to Liam in the bedroom saying that she is really, really annoying and he does not know what her problem is.

Amanda , Sam and Jonty getting to grips with the task

Kara and Carol are also practising, Kara is obviously not impressed.

The task starts with an assault course in the garden and housemates have to complete the course with the book on there head. Carol is the only housemate to drop it incurring one fail, but as all the other housemates successfully completed the task they did not fail.

Brian is talking to Ziggy saying that the reason why Kara is annoying is because she Fancy's him really, Ziggy did not seem surprised.

Kara was in the bedroom squeezing spots from her armpit to the disgust of Tracey, Liam and especially Ziggy who said she must leave the room to do it as he wants to turn the light out..

Kara is forced to squeeze them in the bathroom with the show closing...

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