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Day 84 aug 22nd

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The housemates wake up to there last day of the "finishing academy" and today is "social etiquette day" and must learn dinner party etiquette skills and dancing. When housemates wake up they gents have to kiss the ladies on the hand. Here is Jonty greeting Carol which made her pass wind much to her amusement..

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Liam and and Sam have a laugh practise the dance routines

Ziigyis telling Liam that Jonty looked at him weird!, The housemates think that when someone looks at them funny they must have nominated them!.

Carol has taken over the kitchen again and tells Jonty how to clean the sink.

This weeks nominations were announced and Jonty, Kara and Tracey who were nominated comfort each other in the diary room

Kara is talking to Jonty telling him that everyone must find her really boring because she;s been up for eviction every week since she has entered the house, Jonty tells her that because they came into the house late on in the show it was inevitable they would be evicted, "they are picking all us new ones off one by one " he said.. and that he was surprised Tracey was up. He later tells Big brother in the diary room that he is upset that he is not liked

Housemates are put to the test in dinner party etiquette manners and have to eat without speaking and must use the correct cutlery

Brain finds eating properly a difficult task and does not stop moaning

This is everyone having a ball taking part in the dance class and are practising the waltz

Liam throws the twins to the floor and starts dancing with Ziggy

Tracey goes berserk because she has no cigarettes and starts saying " why does everyone else get what they want, Ive been up 5 f---ing times", Brian comforts her as she breaks down crying. She then rummaged through the bin for cigarette butts..Brian later confronts her after she breaks down crying

The show finishes with Ziggy telling Carol that someone else should do the shopping list for a change and that they all came into the house as individuals to do what they want.. he tells her that she is so rude and like a big baby for turning on the water works..

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