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Day 85 aug 23rd

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The show starts with Carol teaching Sam how to boil and egg!

Its battle of the shopping list day and and Carol has managed to take over doing the shopping list.

Sam reading out the shopping list. She still has to talk through a loud speaker because she has broken 12 microphones

Ziggy, Liam and Brian talk about Carol being so bossy, but are scared to confront her.

Because the housemates do not have any cigarettes Big brother called each smoke to the diary room and told them that to win a box of ciggies they have to make BB laugh.. Brian failed with jokes like."what do you call member of girls aloud with a tenner on her head? all you can eat for under a tenner!!

Brian moans to Amanda that he never wins any thing, then started trying to chat her up again.

Liam and Tracey succeed in making big brother laugh but he must not share them with any housemate otherwise he will be punished

The housemates are given alcohol and play a game called "kiss, marry and evict"

The twins were asked who they would kiss , marry and evict,after much debate they said they would kiss Carol, marry Liam and evict Jonty.

Brain is still trying to get his leg over with Amanda.

Sam is upset and is crying because she is upset with Carol for saying that Liam is spending a lot of time with her and that the cameras are watching them when there in the pool and playing and its OK when she's with Amanda but when there on there own they must be getting up to something

Amanda and Brian comfort her while they talk about Carol in the toilet, They them=n went to the caravan and started talking about how Sam and Liam are not doing anything and that Carol is a gossiper.

Jonty talking to Kara in his birthday suit.

The show finishes with Brian and Liam talking about Carol saying shes got problems with all the gossiping

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