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Day 89 aug 27th

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Ziggy and Carol start the day in a very good mood.. How long will this last!?

Ziggy tells Big brother he is delighted to be in the final week,.

Housemates are really enjoying taking part in Big Brothers Big quiz and have to guess which housemate previous housemates and other people are talking about after seeing a clip of them on the video.

Carol Brian Amanda and Sam and Amanda are team 1

Jonty Liam and Ziggy are team 2

The next part of the game Ziggy and Carol have to guess who the mystery guest is, who was previous housemate Channelle which they answered correct

Ziggy is freaked out by seeing Chanelle, in a good way, and says to Carol he wished he was More prepared.

The Boys are having a "lads" chat, Brain is telling Ziggy he is cool and someone he would look up to Liam is telling Brian that hes cool and the biggest geek he has ever met but in a nice way.

Team 2 won the task but only one housemate was allowed to win the prize, Liam wanted Ziggy to have it and Ziggy wants Jonty to have it and Ziggy was finally decided to take the prize which was a photo album of all the housemates.

Sam is crying because Liam and Brain are having a disagreement over nothing and is comforted by Jonty and her sister.

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