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Day 90 aug 28

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Brian is in good spirits this morning and is enjoying a morning drink of alcohol.

The twins are enjoying a morning workout..

Ziggy is in a state and feels very bad and sad after seeing Chanelle in yesterdays task and also about the comments he made to Chanelle when she was in the house saying "It's not you it's me " when he spliy up with her, which is such an uncool thing to say which he now realises and is looking at the photo album of him and her that he won in yesterdays task.

Big brother has told the housemate they must choose today's task and must get into three groups and each think of what task to do and the best idea will be chosen by Big brother.

Sam, Amanda and Carol are in the garden deciding what to do and have chosen to have a dart board as there idea and when someone lands on a target must perform certain tasks..

Brian and Liam chose a task to do and there idea is to have an obstacle course with a blow up doll on there back and a pizza in there hand and eating a kebab with some phat tunes and steal some traffic cones to which BB said "we don't condone stealing".! Even so there idea was chosen as the best idea..and the task was won after a lot of fun.

The twins take on a kebab

In another Big brother twist BB called Amanda Sam, Jonty and Brain to the diary room and asked them to nominate either Ziggy, Carol, or Liam for eviction because they broke the rule of talking about nominations yesterday which is forbidden..

Ziggy shouts to them that they should pick him as none of them said they could choose anyone and Big brother said "This is not an option, you must choose". After much deliberation they decided to pick Ziggy and Carol, Big brother said "there will be no eviction really, we just wanted to see other housemates see them being nominated" to the relief of everyone.

Amanda is in the diary room telling BB that she did not like what Carol said about her that she should listen to her sister Sam and that Carol should not compare her with her sister.
Thats all folks:)

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