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Day 92 aug 29

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The housemates woke up to the sound of Frank Sinatra and "I did it my way".

Brian tells Big brother he has done him self proud and he has learned to respect other people and that he's been on a long journey while being in the house,Hes even learned how to shave with the help of Ziggy. He also says that he wants the twins to win.

Ziggy and Carol discuss leaving the house...Ziggy also tell her that he's crap at relationships.

Jonty reads instructions for todays task from Big brother, which says that Big brother is having a break and that one housemate has to take over.. Jonty has been selected to stand in for BB, and BB has left £100 for them and a selection of take away menus

Jonty is now acting as Big brother and is in the Big Brother vestibule and calls the twins to the diary room.

The twins ask BB (Jonty) for barbie songs to listen to. Jonty said he has noted there request and will get back to them.

The twins get there request and are dancing to "Barbie girl". and all the housemates join in and dance.

The housemates are talking about how much of a home Big brother is to them..

Ziggy is telling Liam that he wishes he was not so paranoid with his relationship with Chanelle, and says he feels she was flirting with the other housemates and got jealous because of it.. Liam tells him its been a funny ride.

Brian and Amanda are staring at the moon .. He tells her that it's the same moon all there family's can see and then start to talk about cosmic ordering. Brian says that what ever you ask for comes true. Amanda asks is it true, Brian says he asked to come on Big brother and it came true..

The show finishes with all the housemates all getting under the cover..

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