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Big Brother House Keeley

Keely, aka the baroness and the 30 year old travel agent from Manchester seems an alright girl but looks well stuck up!, spoilt and a right bitch! Lets see how long it takes before she shows the bitchy and bossy side of her!!

She may be short, but trust me, don't let her small size fool you and looks very sexy and has a great body and not attractive at all! Her face is kinda weird looking which reminds me of "who is she, and former housemate Nicky!

She cleaned the house from top to bottom to be desperately liked by the house mates but this kinda grovelling will not work in her favour.

The new housemates were all up and dancing like crazy when the song, "I Need A Hero" awoke them, and guess why only they were dancing? because they are new, and hardly any "Best Bits" clips to show when they leave the show, and did you notice Corin was also joining in! because she was expecting to be evicted was greedy for more best bits!!

Keely is tip toeing around the house and unable to let her hair down for fear of the public and housemates backlash!

Thank god the housemates are fully aware of her games.

Watch out housemates, Keeleys about!

Shi@ Keely spotted me!! J/K:D

Keeley NOT getting her own way!

Keeley GETTING getting her own way!

Whats Keeley cooking up?

Keeley tells Caoimhe to stop talking behind peoples backs which she was NOT. Bitch!

Steve talking to(perving over) Keely!

Caoimhe and Keely in the "tights on face tug of war task!"

Keely desperate to win, loses to Caoimhe in the task!

Two housemates with so much hate for each other hug after Caoimhe wins!

Keeleys last moments in the house after she broke a bone in a foot after the save housemate task!

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