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Big Brother Housemate Caoimhe

, the token Irish pretty girl....
(BB always has to have one) is cool and seems pretty easy-going but lacks any real substance other than a nice appearance. She has a weird shape short @ss body which I think the Jedward hairstyle is to compensate for and also has the skin tone of an old woman!!

I think she has been, and will continue to be as boring as hell.

Her "friendship" with Shabby from the beginning made her unlikable by the public and would always be her inevitable downfall,

There was no way on earth she would have got together with Shabby and of course she wants to leave the house,
but HAS to stay to become a successful model and make lots of money which is her ultimate goal!.

he finds it hard to pretend to like the other housemates which will be her downfalll and is relieved that shabby has left the house, and is much more at home!!

Caoimhe finalY made up her mind and walked out of the house after Josie accused her of getting too close with John James which was the final straw for this stressed out lass. She was bored and was not having anymore fun..

Sitting pretty.

The doom and gloom cloud, Shabby ruining her time in the house.

Caoimhe can not take things seriously! Would you under the circumstances of a sex crazed lesbian up your @ss 24-7

Caoimhe, Josie and John...Piggy in the middle!:P

Caoimhe beating Keely and winning the "tights on face tug of war task!.

Caoimhe tells another John Jame just what she thinks of Josie after Josie accused her of getting involved with her non existent boyfriend John James!

Caimohe listens to Josies lame diary room excuses!

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