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Big Brother housemate JJ

JJ the new housemate and pretty mummy's boy has entered the house... My first impressions!? He's a bit annoying like when anyone has a conversation with him, he's like, "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" but illl warm to him!!

He was so fake! When John James was talking to him about previous housemates and stuff that happened inside the house, and he was like, really and soo pretending he does not know, but trust me, he has watched every single BB series..

JJ would have been inside Corine's knickers immedietly..... if he was not on the Tele! which is a shame because Corin would not care! and would have gone all the way!!

JJ tells Davina why he should enter the house..

Number 1, Jo who entered the house, 2, JJ who entered the house, 3, Megan, who never made it! haha!! 4 Joel who nevermade it! Awww 5, Laura who entered the house and left and 6 Sam an amazing housemate :P

JJ relaxing in the garden.

Yes JJ, the public are watching you!!

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