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Big Brother housemate Josie


Josie who is John James "Cash Cow"is a very pretty girl until she opens her gob and starts talking with that country bumpkin accent. She thought laughing out loud and screaming loudly is being entertaining. She contibuted to nothing to the house. She always thought about what she was saying, hence the stuttering just like her fake B/F John James..

This thumb sucking mare
lacks any intelligence or life skills. Very lazy.. She is at her best at party's, and I doubt she's any good in the bedroom. Ive seen scarecrows with more use than her!!

She was such a liar when she used to say...quote! "I keep forgetting we're on the tele" Trust me! she is full aware at all times! and she kept coming out with phrases like!. "I think I've really learned a lot about myself being in here"...She went in the house a lazy overweight randy mare and came out exactly the same! This was just another ploy to try and win Big Brother because she knows that's what the public likes! Including a Big Brother romance (Bromance) that's why she clung onto John James even though deep down in her heart she KNOWS he is not sexually attracted to her and was quite happy sleeping in in the same bed and dry humping him when ever she got the chance. She made sound nosies like sucking her thumb under the covers with John James to make us the public think there really IS something going on to save her embarrassment of being rejected live on Tele which was exposed by Sam!

I reckon she and Andrew would have made a perfect couple but no matter how nice, handsome, amazing, and good looking he is "in her words" Josie is so shallow she would never date him. She would rather have a handsome, arrogant, argumentative twat like John James.!

Josie reckons she's gonna hit the gym when she gets out to woo John James but as i said, she will NEVER go to any gym because she is far too lazy!! If she had started exercising when she came into the house she could have had a figure like Corin by now!!

Josie decided to walk from the Ultimate Big Brother house because she could not handle being in the house with such bigger and more intelligent characters!.! Trust me, If they had thrown in some happy go-lucky and simple-minded mix of former housemates and celebrities she would have stayed! Fact! and remember I told you so. Fake Romance


The woman who had a face ripped off by a chimpanzee that Josie keeps talking about!

Yes Josie, I have my eye on you..!


Does my @ss look big when I lay like this....?


"Mmm, Ice cream is better than sex". Her words not mine! Look at that greedy face!


Who ate all the pies!!??

a proper country bumpkin she jokes!


Thumb sucking retard.!

George Lamb's very expressive response when he heard Josie had asked him to marry her!

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