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Lucien Laviscount

Lucien Laviscount

Lucian Laviscount: Born on June 9, 1992 in England.

I doubt he will bring much to the show! A pretty boring mummy's boy through and through. Read more

Lucien, what more can I say about him! Nothing much! fact! He is also a bit nasty deep down which was shown when he showed his enthusiasm when Bobby told him off his sweat-gate plans.

He is also a very young, dull, immature and naive child who still has a lot to learn!

Lucien Laviscount and former Big Brother 2010 housemate Louise Cliffe

He knows the viewers love a BB romance so he tried it on with Pamela, whose way out of his league and totally incompatible.  then he moved in on Amy but decided against it for whatever reason! Then came along Tara who dampened his plans with a jug of cold water! He now has Kerry left to flirt with in the hope of staying in the house just like Josie and John James with a fake romance!

Lucien now reckons he fancies Amy!..i can assure you, he doesn't~ He pretended to because if he never, his friends who are all watching the show would think hes gay!.  Lucian would rather have a fling with Kerry than Amy! I think the only person Lucian is in love with is himself!

Lucian became the 6th housemate to be evicted. More to follow.  Celebrity Big Brother Pictures & Information

 Lucien laviscount

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