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Aden Pictures and Information

He says he loves PC games. Sleeps with a Teddy. He says he can connect with anyone. he describes himself as loud and a party animal and player and is a trainee psychiatrist.

My 1st impressions. He looks like an easy going guy and thinks he's all that, a simple and sensitive chap.

1st week. Aden is being played by Rebeckah but cannot take the hints. This puppy dog thinks he's the bees knees and assumes Rebeckah must fancy him even though she's given him numerous hints that she doesn't..

Aden being played by Rebeckah. 

Aden thinks that pestering Rebeckah for kisses and sex for long enough he will get what he wants but I can assure you he won't!. He is not Rebeckahs type at all and we dont want any-more one-sided love affairs like former BB housemates Josie and John James

2nd week. Did you hear his rap about Tashie? What a joke! My next door neighbor can do much better and he's a Stuttering retard!

Aden is now sexually harrasing Rebeckah by forcing himself on her. When will this plonker take the hint! Did you also see him perving/lusting over Rebeckah while she was showering!?

Aden knows that we, the public, like watching a Big Brother romance develop but this is absolutely a ridiculous attempt!!.

Rebeckah has been evicted. Lets see how the dynamics of the house change and also, who will Aden move in on next or will he continue to be brain washed by Rebeckah's fake love games?,

Mark and Jay comfort Aden as he breaks down in tears over his love for Rebeckah.  Aww diddums.

3rd week.  He's still being a 'genuinitivly' cry baby and complete knob. btw, "genuinitivly" is a word Aden invented! This chap keeps on telling everyone he's a 19 year old boy yet acts like he's only 9. He has a lot of growing up and learning to do.

4th week.  Rebeckah returned to the BB house for a dinner date with Tom. Tom won a date with Rebeckah after winning the prize during a BB task  Housemates had to throw balls at various windows containing different prizes . Aden tried, but failed to win. During the date Rebeckah begged Tom to tell Aden to stop rapping and hanging out with Anton. Big Brother warned Tom not to tell him.

5th week.  Aden gets butchered by Louise's lack of hair dressing skills. Arden went to the diary room and confessed he wanted to curl up in a ball, cry and go home..

Aden is a complete knob. He went up to every house mate and said he was leaving. He said his goodbyes and proceeded towards the fire exit and immediately stopped and changed his mind saying, "tomorrow.".

It's now "Tomorrow and Aden was the 5th person to be evicted.from the Big Brother house.  Rebeckah was there to meet Aden when his interview with Brian Dowling ended.  She popped out when his interview with Brian Dowling ended. It was then they confirmed they were officially a couple.

My last impressions.  A bit of a plonker and an easy going guy. Thinks he's all that. Very simple and sensitive.Has a lot of maturing to do. He will now be manipulated by Rebeckah into a Fake Romance.

On OKTV He was asked about his relationship with Rebeckah, he replied,"We are boyfriend and girlfriend, we kiss and cuddle and yeah, it's all good". 

The relationship is over. Rebeckah could not continue Faking a romance..

More info could follow.

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