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Anton Murphy Pictures and Information

He says he's a people's champion and lives like the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. He gets along with all kinds of people He reckons his success rate with woman is 100% and that all woman fancy him. He used to play for Crystal Palace football club. He says his USP is being 100% real and honest.

My 1st impressions. Looks and acts very arrogant, boring and up his own ass. He reminds me of Victor, Slick Rick but not slick enough!

Another Wanna Be. At Youtube you'll find various music videos of his songs including Million and Im On One.

1st week. All he does is chillax and eye up the ladies which is fine but not a game winning tactic.

2nd week.  His best moment so far was when he overheard Aden whisper to Rebeckah "I love you" when they were in the bedroom. Anton and the other housmeates immediately took the right piss out of him.

Anton was in the Big Brother diary room talking about the comments that Rebeckah's made about him calling hiim a snake, Anton said, 'That dickhead is the devil and thats why you put her in here' He also summoned her up by saying she's a c**t. Well said Anton.

Anton who already admitted to liking Maisy catches fellow housemate Aaron get in there first!. Anton later confirmed to Big Brother that he will not get with any girl in the house.

Anton looks on as Aaron kisses Maisy.

3rd week. Well done Anton for being a good sport after Big Brother played a piratical joke on his birthday. Anton who is involved in a music group was informed by BB that one of his tracks had become number 1 in the download charts. Upon hearing it was a prank, he took it very well and deep down, I don't think he really believed it 100% although he so wanted it to be true!

Anton's friend C.J  collaborates with Big Brother to fool Anton.

Anton is still being arogant and is deluding himself as to who his real friends are.  He keeps talking about his "Wolf Pack gang" but I have no idea, nor I doubt he, who exactly is in it. He also keeps raving on about how intelligent he is. I agree if your talking academical intelligence ! Having life skills and being a peoples would help.

5th Week  Aaron and Anton have decided they detest each other.

Anton survives eviction. Anton was very surprised to still be in the house after hearing the boos from the outside crowd with the Brian Dowling live link. Aden, who was not booed was evicted instead. Upon hearing the boos he said he will start changing his ways. I doubt it very much Anton.

Anton is deluding himself.  Anton has convinced himself he will make it to the final and win the show . He believes he's playing the best game in the house. I say, only god knows what game it actually is!

Anton and Jay are up for eviction this week, however,. Big Brother decided to have a fake eviction kicking the two out of the house and straight into a secret room next door. While there, they have to dress up as ghosts and will also be listening to what the others say on a tv screen. They will also have the powers to frighten the others.

6th week. This villain Anton, aka the "Pussy Cat" along with the hungry Tiger Jay spent two days and nights as ghosts in the fright night home. While there, they armed themselves with lots of juicy information and gossip about the others. Lets hope things start to heat up. I hope it will be hell.

Well, It was hell for Anton who one day later became the 6th housemate to be evicted.

My last impressions. What a pathetic, naive, deluded and childish idiot. If he thinks he is cool, then god only knows whats going on inside his little mind, He spent his whole time in the house being fake. ie. acting 24/7. He cannot act OR sing! The funny and weird thing is the amount of times he kept telling people how  intelligent he is. Deep down he is nice at heart but has to put on the false bravo front which does not work or suit him! Anton, just chill out and be yourself!

He said he wants Jay to win.

More info to follow.

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