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Faye Palmer Pictures and Information

Faye is a wrestler who thinks she is the sexiest girl in the world. Training is her everything. She says she is very confident but hates girls with a better body than hers.  Will flip if housemates annoy her.  She is also scared of the dark.

My 1st impressions. Well fit! Looks like fun and a smart cookie.

Faye has videos of her wrestling and flexing her muscles at

1st week. Faye is doing really well in the house, very likable, gets on with everyone and knows how to have fun.

2nd week. Faye is starting to come out of her shell and has decided she fancies Aaron. Hold on, I thought woman liked guys who were funny with a nice sense of humor. Aaron has neither or anything of a personality so is Faye being extremely shallow by saying she likes him just because "he's a good looking geek".

3rd week. Faye and Aaron are an item! or that's what some people may think but I don't think it will last very long.

Faye and Aaron kiss under the covers.

Faye is now up for eviction with Maisy.  During the nominations Faye actually nominated Aaron to be evicted which tells me she no longer likes him and has started kissing Aaron again.

The love triangle. Aaron, Faye and Maisy.

4th week. Faye survived the eviction and Maisy left the house. BB then decided to bring in a new housemate which only happened to be Faye's sister Jemma.

Jemma. is not happy seeing her sister smoke in the house telling her, "If I see you smoke i'll throw you in the swimming pool!.

Faye played a joke on the other house mates by pretending that Big Brother has told them that either her or her sister Jemma has to be evicted. She only did this because she is so insecure and all she wanted was to see the others reactions to her possible departure.

Jemma looks out for her Faye by telling Aaron,  "Don't pretend to be on your best behavior because i'll see through it". Aaron responded that he was always on his best behavior.

5th week. Aaron and Faye are no longer getting along. They have decided to cool things down.

Aaron and Faye are back together. again..

6th week.  Aaron and Faye are off and Jemma has decided to leave the house......Aaron and Fayes relationship is back on!

7th week. Faye became the 7th housemate to be evicted.

My final impressions: A nice and pretty girl. Dull as dish water. Too emotional and self conscious.  A waste of a housemate.Awkward!!

More info to follow.

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