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Jay McKrae Pictures and Information

Jay is a boxer who trains 3 times a week. His local radio station rated him as one of the 10 best looking guys in Newcastle. He says hes in the house for pure fun and entertainment. He claims to have slept with over a 1000 girls and two lady boys! Says he would have sex in the BB house.  

My 1st impressions. This big lad is a real mummies boy at heart and seems an alright down to earth guy. Very vain and hides it well. Has an annoying accent. Seems one dimensional.

1st week.  Jay has been a good house mate and everyone likes him so far.  Jay says he fancies Louise and is continuing to be honest and is playing a good game which is being himself and luckily for him, hes a nice guy, so being himself is ok!  another potential winner. 

2nd week. He started to like Faye and now said he fancies Maisy, although he later revealed he liked Louise the most.

The sexually frustrated Jay could not contain himself any longer so he, and the also frustrated Mark  decided to have a "Tommy Tank off". Jay won! ( GROSS I know:/)

3rd week. Jay, the smooth operator is working his charms on Louise. They do make a great couple so good luck Jay!.

He is slowly wooing Louise which is hard because they are both shy. Jay showed his true feelings via love heart messages to her under her pillow. Louise was very impressed by saying, "No one has ever done anything like that to me. It's the most romantic thing anyone has ever done".

Jay flirts with Louise.

Jay did very well during the Burger Task and is continuing to be funny and a considerate guy which are traits handy to win the show. 

Jay and Anton during the Berger eating task.

4th week Louise was hugging Jay and confessed her feelings for him, telling him, "I think your really lovely". Could these two become thee most famous Big Brother couples ever!? Nope, they have nothing really in common with each other. This relationship will not last a year!

Too much dirty talk!  Louise loved it when Jay wiped his bum on her pillow. She though it was very romantic especially when Jay was having a shit, then wiped his bum and showed her the used toilet paper!. Again, Louise thought this was not a problem and funny.. She even likes it when he farts!

Jay went bananas when he found out that Harry changed the shopping list to buy 500 bananas, 13 bottles of food coloring, boxes of cereal, chocolates and bottles of tomato ketchup. Jay, along with the others were not impressed. Jay later went into the garden and took his frustration by punching a pillow. Later, Louise was there to put a smile back on his face with some bed time kisses.

Jay and Louise kissing.

Jay and Anton took their revenge on Harry for changing the shopping list by ruining his freshly washed clothes. They smothered them with food dye and ketchup.

Jay has expressed his love for  Louise very much but does Louise feel the same way about him?

Louise tells Jay there is no chemistry between them which did not surprise me or it seemed Jay .

5th WeekLouise and Jay are continuing to kiss and are getting even closer to each other.

Jay and Anton are up for eviction this week, however,. Big Brother decided to have a fake eviction kicking the two out of the house and straight into a secret room next door. While there, they have to dress up as ghosts and will also be listening to what the others say on a tv screen. They will also have the powers to frighten the others.

6th week. The hungry Tiger Jay and villain, Anton, aka "Pussy Cat" spent two days and nights as ghosts in the fright night home,  While there, they armed them-selfs with lots of juicy information and gossip about the others. Things should now start to heat up. I hope it will be hell.

7th week. I reckon Louise and Jay will end up having their own reality TV show! That's if they are still in love although I still don't think their relationship will last a year!

Big Brother changed the rules and gave the Housemates the chance to share half of the winners prize money. They had to choose which person would take which amount of money totaling 30 thousands pounds to a mere 10 pounds. Luckily for Jay who chose the 15 thousand pounds although they have all made a pact to share the prizes equally. Will they?

The housemates make a pact to share the money whatever they chose. 

Jay has left the BB house. He came 2nd.

My final impressions.  He is definitely an alright down to earth guy and a good housemate. A well deservedly 2nd place..

If he and Louise were left in the house any longer, they would have been covering themselves in excrement!.

Jay and Louise are still together and very much in love. I know Jay does not 'love' her as much as she does him and when all the magazine deals are over I reckon Jay will dump her. I doubt there will an OK wedding for these two.

More info to follow.

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