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Louise Cliffe Pictures and Information

She is a model who won the 2006 Miss Manchester title. Likes to watch intellectual programs like Bargain Hunt. She is single and would rather date a chef than a famous footballer.  She says she is just a normal girl who does not bite. She is friends with former celebrity Big Brother housemate Lucien.

My 1st impressions. Absolutely dead-drop gorgeous. Seems really easy going, fun, sincere and honest. There are no airs and graces about this babe, very real and I hope won't fake it as she is the most normal person including  Jay  in that house.  

Louise Cliffe has had her fair share of publicity. Youtube her name and you can see her appearance in many magazines and other various videos from a Miss Maxim 2006, Miss Maxim United Kingdom,  Louise Cliffe - Soccer AM. Man Utd Soccerette. A mini movie shot between photo shoots. I love my Jeans commercial and a Louise Cliffe Show-real and more.

1st week. Poor Louise. She seems very alone in the house. Too be honest, I have hardly seen her!

2nd week. Is she still in the house?

Yes! Louise has come out of her shell and really coming to life. She is integrating very well with the house mates, and gaining more confidence everyday and I reckon she could win the show.

Louse awakes looking beautiful as ever.

3rd week. Anton told Louise that Jay really likes her.  Lets hope they do get together as they make a perfect couple and this romance would be 100% genuine unlike all the other relationships in the house.!

Jay flirts with Louise.

Louise letting her hair down as she and the others do the naked Conga. Mark and Tom were the only house mates to strip off.

4th week. Louise was hugging Jay and confessed her feelings for him, telling him, "I think your really lovely".

Louise and Jay are finally a couple spending lots of time kissing and cuddling but not talking much.  Will this relationship be long term?

Louise tells Jay there is no chemistry between which did not surprise me or it seems Jay

5th WeekLouise and Jay are continuing to kiss and were getting much closer to each other until Jay became evicted in a fake eviction along with fellow housemate Anton. Big Brother secretly sent both housemates to the diary room and through a door to a secret room with a tv screen to keep an eye and more importantly ears, on the others.

Too much dirty talk!  Louise loved it when Jay wiped his bum on her pillow. She though it was very romantic especially when Jay was having a shit, then wiped his bum and showed her the used toilet paper!. Again, she thought this was sweet. She even likes it when he farts!

6th week. Louise heard that Harry called her "thick"! The funny thing was Louise say, to  Jay "I can't believe he thinks I'm thick! "lmfao.

Louise gets the shock of her life when Aaron nominated her giving her 3 votes which makes her up for eviction this week with Faye who also had 3 votes.

7th week. Louise and Jay will end up having their own reality TV show! That's if they are still in love although I don't think their relationship will last a year!

Big Brother changed the rules and gave the Housemates the chance to share half of the winners prize money. They had to choose which person would take which amount of money totaling 30 thousands pounds to a mere 10 pounds. Luckily for Louise who chose the 4 thousand pounds although they have all made a pact to share the prizes equally. Will they?

The housemates make a pact to share the money whatever they chose. 

Louise was evicted from the Big Brother house. She came forth.

My final impressions. Very easy going and fun but pretty boring person. She CAN be shady, but not for a small drop of wine. She claims to be dead normal but due to her scat fantasies, I doubt this very much!

If she and Jay were left in the house any longer, they would have been covering themselves in excrement!.

Jay and Louise are still together and very much in love. I know Jay does not 'love' her as much as she does him and when all the magazine deals are over I reckon Jay will dump her. I doubt there will be an OK wedding for these two.

More info to follow.

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