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Maisy James Pictures and Information

She said. Aspires to be a TV presenter and actress but doubts she will ever be happy or successful. Likes being the centre of attention.  Likes to live for the moment She came 2nd in the Kiss 100 presenter search.

My 1st impression. What you see is probably what you'll get. This blond bombshell looking babe seems like a fun, easy going and likable person.

Another Wanna Be.  Check out her Youtube videos and you'll find many videos of Maisy from interviewing a wax work model of Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. Interviewing a real Tinchy Stryder.  A tv show called Today - with Maisy James & James Allcott and a bedroom blog video and loads more..

1st week. Doing very well and getting on with everyone.

2nd/3rd week.   Aaron and Maisy get close by kissing and cuddling in bed! I never saw that coming but Anton, who said he really fancies her had a good old glare!

Anton who secretly fancies Maisy sneakily watches as Aaron kisses Maisy. 

Aaron has moved on from Maisy and is back to kissing Faye

4th week.  Maisy has been evicted. 

Maisy looking back at her Hair Flicking Antics on Big Brother.

My last impressions.  A nice and decent fun girl. Very likable yet can be annoying. Not the best of house mate but good luck to her.

More info to follow.

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