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Rebeckah Pictures and Information

Rebeckah has her own dance school, She dislikes men because they make her angry and she likes to get revenge on them whenever she can, Will spice it up with the boys to wind them up. She used to work as a blue-coat and is an  insomnia. Rebeckah said she has had relationships with 3 famous actors. Rebeckah says Tom is the best looking housemate. Says says she never forgives or forgets.

My 1st impressions. Very pretty, looks like fun and very adorable, but beware, this blond could have a much darker side!

1st and 2nd week. So far Rebeckah has used her sexual powers to secure the guys friendship which means they are less likely to vote for her. Aden became her1st victim with her playful flirting and cuddling, followed by Mark whom she has cuddles with too. She them moved in on Tom kissing him full on the lips as a dare. Next came Aaron who she tried to befriend, but he knows exactly what game she's playing. She then needed to get closer to Harry so she planned an attack on him accusing him of not wanting to be in the house so she could cuddle and make-up with him!. Very clever..

Rebeckah really took the biscuit when she and Heaven were playfully eating (which was really stealing) the chocolate biscuits while they were helping sharing them among house-mates when later, Rebeckah rushed to tell all the others that Heaven was stealing the biscuits!

In the diary room Big Brother asked her what game she would play to stay in the house. She replied with a menacing grin, "Having a fake relationship"!

Yes Rebeckah, we can see you playing the fake romance game with Aden.

Just one of Rebeckah and Heavens many arguments.

Rebeckah has been evicted in the 2nd week and good riddance to her.

During her eviction interview Brian Dowling quizzed her about her "relationship" with Aden and if she manipulated him which she denied.

During her time in the house she called Pamela Anderson a fucking slag. Are you fucking crackers to Heaven, shut the fuckup to Harry and you dick someone else. She summed up the others by saying Heavens an actress, Aarons a Snake, Harry's cool and genuine, Maisy's alright, shes a good girl. the others insignificance and are impartial who just sit on the fence.

My last impressions. Fake, nasty, heartless, manipulative and vindictive. Nothing will phase or upset her. Can't play games very well OR act!  Does not care about anyone or anything but herself!...Coming to a pantomime near you as a wicked witch or as the child snatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang .Rebeckah vehemently told everyone that Aarons a Snake. Well, Rebeckah, It takes one to know one!

Her last game-playing plan is to connect with Aden when he's evicted to make lots of money like John James and Josie did with their fake romance or what I like to call, a one sided love affair.

Rebeckah returns to the BB house for a dinner date. How you may ask, well, Tom  won a date with her during a BB task  House-mates had to throw balls to break windows containing different prizes . Aden tried, but failed to win a date with Rebeckah but did win a 5 pounds book voucher,. During the date Rebeckah begged Tom to tell Aden to stop rapping and hanging out with Anton, but BB warned Tom not to tell Aden.

Rebeckah was there to meet the 5th evictee, Aden.  She popped out to greet Aden when his interview with Brian Dowling ended. It was then they confirmed they were officially a couple.

Rebeckah still cannot confirm Aden's claim that he has a 10 inch dick. Remember, this guy cannot even put two + two together.

Rebeckah has gone through with her Fake Romance plans. She has always said she would never go topless, so the only way she can now make money off the back of Big Brother is to pretend she "loves" Aden and make thousands and  possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds from magazine deals..

More info to follow.

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