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Tashie Jackson Pictures and Information

An actress and dancer. Describes herself as very loud and out there. doesn't  like to drink. Loves giving people advice and quotes. She says she's very confident and sexy and talks too much when confined in small spaces. 

My 1st impressions. Likes being the center of attention. Very fit although she looks, sounds and acts far too annoying. Tashie is a definite Wanna Be, just Youtube her name and the following results are as follows, TV presenting.VOB,  in a BBCs Music, Money & Hip Hop Honeys video, She appeared on a show having her legs shaved while singing and talking too much. Has an acting show reel and can be seen playing the piano. She also appeared in a  music video "Hangover" by Starboy Nathan

1st week. Tashie spent all her time in the house telling other house mates various quotes, belly dancing and crying.

House mates are not impressed by Tashie's belly dancing.

Fellow housemates comfort Tashie as she breaks down in tears after discovering she is up for eviction.

Tashie became the 1st house mate to be evicted.

My last impression.  Too emotional. Says and does annoying things. Annoying. What you see is what you get and nothing more. No layers to her.

Tashie's sex tape has been leaked onto the Internet! Tashie accused her ex boyfriend of uploading the video to the web which he denies and is taking legal action. He also accused Tashie of doing it herself to gain more fame which Tashie denies.

More info may follow.

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