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Jemma Palmer Pictures and Information

Jemma says, I'm very competitive and a much better wrestler than Faye.. I would probably knock her out in a fight I like to be the best at everything I do and love a challenge.

Jemma is the new housemate to enter the BB house. Jemma just happens to be the bigger and butcher  sister of fellow housemate Faye. Neither knew that either had applied for the show. Jemma, like Faye is also a wrestler and has fought on a variety of wrestling shows under various names including Inferno, the tv show Gladiators and has modeled for lads magazines.

My 1st impressions. Oh shit! She looks like trouble.  I would not mess around with her as shes too butch for me.

Jemma's wrestling videos can be seen here at youtube.

A picture of Jemma and Faye preparing to wrestle.

Her 1st week in the house.  Day 29 {4th week}. Jemma is not happy seeing Faye smoke telling her, "If I see you smoke I'll throw you in the swimming pool!. Faye then promised Jemma she would only smoke when drunk.

4th Week.  Jemma looks out for her sister by telling Aaron  "Don't pretend to be on your best behavior because I'll see through it". Aaron responded that he was always on his best behavior.

5th/6th week.  Jemma has been boring, boring, boring until she, along with Faye were given a BB task which was to burb 15 times in the face of Aaron. He was absolutely horrified and said he would never speak to her again and that she needed a vet to cure her of her wind. Now Jemma wants to go home and has told Faye that she does not approve of her relationship with Aaron..After realizing it was a task, Aaron felt like a right dick head and said sorry to her.

Jemma has had enough of the house and wants to go home. Faye has persuaded her on 3 occasions to stay, so has now decided too. Just go home I say!

Jemma has decided to leave the house and left. Thank-god.

Last impressions:  I have no idea how she managed to get into the house! She had nothing to offer no matter if she stayed.! She was boring, empty of any personality and lacked sex appeal! Leaving the house is no loss to anyone but herself and the rest of the house mates..

More info to follow.

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