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Denise Welch Pictures, Video and Information

Denise Welch is known for her appearance in numerous tv programmes and is best known for her long term appearances on the British tv soap 'Coronation Street' and more recently 'Loose Woman.

She says she likes to party but  is not the easiest person to live with yet not the hardest. She will be biting her tongue in the house because her children will be watching. Denise says she is looking forward to getting in the hot tub with the young ones.

My Views: I don't know why she was chosen to appear on the show. There is nothing new we will learn about her, nor she about herself while in the house. She likes a laugh, a drink and having sex with young men whats new! Could she ever win!?

1st week. Has not done much worth talking about.

Denise in a rather similar style to her entrance outfit, is dressed as one of the 3 Bears during the Fairy tale task 

Denise and Karissa had to eat porridge during the 3 bears task and Denise was so annoyingly patronizing towards her and during the task it was obvious that Denise does not like Karissa! but I laughed out loud when Denise ended up drinking all the Porridge made with cows urine and then failing the task! haha.

2nd week, Denise gets mad at Micheal for no reason other than to make the ch 5 show highlights when she said, 3 Times! "Shut up or ill punch your fcuking face in".!  Just leave him alone you annoying bitch.

Big Brother punished Denise and Romeo for losing a task so made her sleep in a single bed with Romeo listening to a recording of Michael Madsen snoring all night.. BB, why the fcuk did you do that!?  You must have known that was NOT going to be a punishment! because she thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.. .

Denise and Micheal have now made up and are getting along.....not!!

Denise noticed Frankie chilling in the jacuzzi and what does she decide to do? She strips off as fast as she can leaving just her panties on and jumped straight in giving them both more than just an eyeful! I knew she was Loose Woman, but this one is just too loose! I think she did it so she can say to everyone, "I have been topless in a jacuzzi with Frankie Cocozza  and  in the pool with Kirk from TOWIE! How pathetic! I lol at the others telling her to get out but more importantly, trying their hardest to cover her up!!

Denise topless in the jacuzzi.- video below

3rd week. Big Brother played a song into the house and they were all dancing when Denise decided to pull down one of the twins pants which made her  kick off and become very angry with Denise, Nicola then got involved for no reason. Later,  The twin was still fuming over the incident and threatened to sue Big Brother if they aired the incident it on tv. See video below.

Denise and Nicola have spoken about things and have now made up,,, so to speak!! 

Congratulations to Denise,  Michael, FrankieGareth and the Shannon Twins for making it to the final.

It was an all English final with Denise Welch winning Celebrity Big Brother 2012. She got the sympathy vote and it worked for her. We also know she has personal issues, but who has not? She's alright really!  Frankie came 2nd and in 3rd place was Gareth.

More pictures and info to follow..

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