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Georgia Salpa Pictures, Video and Information

Georgia Salpa is known for being  model.  

She says she loves modeling as its easy money. Her boobs are real and is always being compared to Kim Kardashian. She does not like 'waggy' type of girls and is looking out for any confident, good looking and funny boys.

My Views:  This half Greek and half Irish girl looks and seems like a really beautiful person.  

1st week. Georgia has been very quiet since being in the BB house. That is why she became the 1st housemate to be nominated along with Andrew Stone. Will her good looks save her when it comes to the 1st eviction. 

Yes, she survived,, but was then told by Big Brother she had to nominate 2 other housemates to be evicted next. After becoming very emotional and distraught, she soon pulled two names out of the bag, Nicola McLean and Natasha Giggs..

Kirk continues to try it on with the very smart and pretty Georgia, and if that means Georgia pretending there could be a possible chance of romance with him just to stay in the house then why not..

Georgia and Kirk Norcross after the Fairy Tale task. 

2nd week. The boring Georgia is up for nomination again along with Michael Madsen,. All I can say is goodbye Georgia and good riddance! 

Georgia was the 3rd person to be evicted from the house

More pictures and info to follow..

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