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Kirk Norcross Pictures and Information

Kirk Norcross is known for appearing on the reality drama tv show 'The Only Way Is Essex' (TOWIE).  

He says he is a ladies man and club owner and says hes in the house to party and have a laugh and hopefully get naked with everyone. His ideal girlfriend would have to be Kim Kardashian??. He says will miss his mum, dad and nephew  while in the house. He says his worst type of housemate would be Joey Essex.from TOWIE.

My Views: This spoilt litle brat and Mummy and Daddy's boy is such an annoying twat. His mind is controlled by his testicles and he thinks he's the bees knees. Most of the things that comes out of his mouth are in my vocabulary.

Week 1. Has already confessed to Georgia Salpa that he fancies her, the problem is, she does not fancy him. He has also started shit stirring by telling Nicola that one of the twins told him to "let other people fucking talk for a change". FYI Kirk. She never said the F word and said it in jest and not with the tone and bitchiness that you made it out to be.

Kirk continues to try it on with the very smart and pretty Georgia, and if that means Georgia pretending there could be a possible chance of romance with him she will play along..

Kirk dressed as a Pig with Georgia Salpa during the Fairy Tale task. 

Kirk is so deluded, He thinks Georgia Salpa  was put in the house pacifically for him!

The Only Way Is Evicted! Kirk became the 4th housemate to be evicted. Go back to your mummy and daddy and your pretend friend Joey Essex only because he attracts the woman and is the main reason you want Frankie to live with you! Just because you are controlled by your dick. And Kirk, When you decide to gossip about what people said, make sure you say exactly what they said and not make shi@ up. I also feel sorry for anyone who has to be his  girlfriend! Really! he's a complete KNOB!

More pictures and info to follow..

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