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Michael Madsen Pictures, Video and Information

 Michael Madsen is know for appeared in many films including Reservior Dogs. He has worked alongside many great film directors. About being on Big Brother 

He says he know F@@k all about Big Brother, and does not want to live with a bunch of people, people who don't know when to stop talking really annoys him. He says he farts and belches.

My views: I like this guys attitude. He has not done anything to annoy anyone and is proving to be a really good housemate and a potential winner. my money would be on him to win.

1st week.  It was so funny to hear Michael say he thought Natalie was the 'meet and greet' lady especially the way she was dressed and serving drinks to everyone.

Denise gets mad at Micheal for no reason other than to make the ch 5 show highlights such as when she said to Michael  "I'm going to punch you in the face" but Michael is far to cool for school to take her bait.

2nd week. Michael is still being a great housemate although he is up for eviction along with Georgia. All I can say is goodbye Georgia and good riddance!

3rd week. Micheal and Denise have now made u and are getting along...not!! Michael is being such a bitch towards Denise and it/s great tv.

Congratulations to Michael, Gareth, Denise, the Shannon Twins and Frankie  for making it to the final.  It would be good to have an American win the show for once.

Michael Madson became the 8th housemate to be evicted.

More pictures and info to follow..

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