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Romeo Pictures, Video and Information

Romeo is known for being one of the many  members of the music group, 'So Solid Crew' and also his solo career. He and some of the former member  of 'So Solid Crew' have never been far from controversy such as robbery and violent incidents where Romeo was never actually convicted for any offense.

He says he's worried about the BB tasks and is ready for the challenge. He says hes looking forward to getting to know more down to earth celebrities. Rome's real name is Marvin Dawkins.

My Views: What can I say about this local lad who I have seen on many occasions while in the Junction. SW11. Lets just see what he's really made of,  if and when he drops his guard which right now is well and truly up

1st week. Romeo has been keeping a low profile while being in the house so there is nothing much to report about his presence so far.

2nd week. He is still doing, and contributing to nothing. Sits on the fence because he's scared of upsetting anyone or telling anyone exactly what he really thinks about things.

Big Brother punished Romeo and Denise Welch for losing a task. BB  made him and her sleep together in a separate room and in single bed listening to a recording of Michael Madsen snoring..Denise was in heaven and loved every minute of it being spooned by Romeo.! Whoever at ch5 thought that was going to be a punishment should be sacked!

3rd week.  Still being boring, mediating and must have an arse full of splinters he sits on the fence so much.

Romeo won a task! He had to find a ticket hidden inside a pile of flour but only using his mouth. whoever did it in the fastest time won!  He then had to decide who to choose to join him watch a film. so guess what he does? You guessed it, he sat on the fence again unable to choose who to join him so he said to the group, "rock, paper, scissors"!!  lmfao!

Romeo has become the 7th housemate to be evicted and good riddance to him! I doubt very much we will be seeing OR hearing much from him in the future. Romeo, you have had more than enough of your 15 minutes of fame!

More pictures and info to follow..

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