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Search Engines Choices - Top 10 + 1

What Is A Search Engine? A Search Engine is a software program that is used to search for information on the Internet (World Wide Web) and is not to be confused with a "browser".

After entering your search terms / keywords in the search engine, the results that appear will include any news, video, images and other useful information to hopefully get the results you were searching for quickly and easily

Each search engine will offer their own results using their own algorithm's.

I could review the pros and cons and the differences between each search engine, but that would be just my opinion, and what I like and prefer. Instead, I'll leave it up to you to try them and decide which you prefer.
See all 11 Search Engine Homepage Screenshots Below Including quick links to each one. 

What Difference Do Other Search Engines Offer?
  • Each search engine will offer varied results, some more relevant than others.
  • You may like the interface that each search engine displays.
  • Some are more customisable than others. Including themes and customisable features to suit most people's needs.
  • Some search engines won't track your moves. DuckDuckGo gives you real privacy features that doesn't store cookies or your personal data, although Google's "Chrome" web browser has an "Incognito mode" feature which you can use to surf anonymously no matter what "search engine" your using.
  • Less intrusive advertising.
  • More user friendly, and more efficient (IE; getting results quick) are other reasons people like to change their search engine.
What Is The Best Search Engine? There is no such things as the best. It's about what you like and what you feel comfortable with.

How Can I Change My Search Engine? No need to download or install anything - There are various ways you can change your search engine. 1, by going into your browser settings and adding the search engine's URL of your choice into your browser's settings. (see image example below / I was using Firefox browser and chose Google search engine) 2, just type the URL (web address) of the search engine of your choice in the URL bar. (web address tab). 3, look on the page for (set this page as your default search engine, or it may say, (make this page my homepage). Once you've clicked that, it will automatically make that search engine your homepage. 4, some browsers like Pale Moon has a tab/feature to choose which search engine you want to use, or 5, if you're still having problems with any of the above, simply bookmark the page by pressing (CTRL + B).

Below are basic screenshots of each Search Engine's homepage to help you decide. 
Note:  I have not customised them at all, or signed into any of them. 

Simply click on the URL of your choice below.

1. Google - Search Engines Homepage Screenshot: URL -

2. Yahoo - Search Engine's Homepage Screenshot: URL:

3. Bing - Search Engine's Homepage Screenshot: URL -

4. AOL - Search Engine Homepage Screenshot: URL -

5. DuckDuckGo - Search Engine Homepage Screenshot: URL -

6. Ask Jeeves - Search Engine's Homepage Screenshot: URL -

7. Yandex - Search Engine's Homepage Screenshot: URL -

8. WayBackMachine - Search Engine's Homepage Screenshot: URL -

9. Entireweb - Search Engine's Homepage Screenshot: URL -

10. Gigablast - Search Engine's Homepage Screenshot: URL -


I had to add this one, although it's not free!

10 + 1. HideMyAss - Search Engine Screenshot - URL

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