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Day 72 aug 9th

Jonty and Kara Louise spent last night upset at the shock of knowing who had put them up for eviction.
Amy is still angry with Carol portraying her as a tart.

The other housemates are in high spirits and having fun in the Living Area while the three former 'halfway housemates sat on the sofa barely able to converse with them.

Last night Ziggy had admitted to Gerry that he had nominated him for eviction and was rather slightly upset.

Jonty, it seems, was getting a bit too friendly with his teddy bear more than any of the house mates.

Meanwhile Brian talked to Gerry about the difference between friendships and alliances in the Big Brother House saying "it's hard to work out which is which".

Today the house mates were faced with yet another Task. It was a very cheesy task involving the House mates in an experiment to see if eating cheese before you sleep really does give you weird dreams.

Each house mate had to wear a special Cheese Helmet, and eat the cheese provided by Big brother and then settled down to sleep in BBs cheesy scientific experiment. House mates had to dream about the dream sequence in the garden which they completed and won booze as a reward for passing the task.

Ziggy keeps saying on a daily basis that it kills him that he can't speak to chanelle.... I think he still has strong feelings for her, so watch this space.......

Liam talks about his sex life and brags about his regular sex he's had on the outside since he was 15.
Tracey however said it was march since she had any Ziggy Ziggarrr.

All in all not much was really happening in the BB house today as every one seemed to be walking on egg shells since Big brother revealed who had voted for one another.

Lets just hope things spice up tomorrow

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