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Day 73 aug 10th

After a fairly hectic day the housemates slowly began to get ready for the roller coaster ride that the next eviction will most certainly bring and it did bring us news of Amy who was the 9th housemate to have been evicted with 58% of the votes.

Mean while housemates got drunk on cider and flashed their rear ends to Amanda who was called to the diary room, but when she tried to leave she found that Liam had barricaded the door with a broom handle..cheeky cheeky!

Due to the housemates failing there shopping task it's back to basic rations. What a nightmare huh? It looks like the housemates are going to turn into a bunch of students..

Liam and Amy originally showed signs of being the next posh n becks' but the cracks had begun to appear and this is one relationship thet has ended.

During the fashion show Carol must have thought christmas had come early when Ziggy snogged her during the fashion show task.

Other than that it has been a quite and a very happy house and there have been no arguments...yet..

Weekly nominations over view
Amanda & Sam nominated Jonty and Kara-Louise Amy nominated Kara-Louise and Gerry Brian nominated Jonty and Kara-Louise Carole nominated Amy and Kara-Louise
Gerry nominated Amy and Jonty Jonty nominated Gerry and Kara-Louise Kara-Louise nominated Jonty and Amy Liam nominated Kara-Louise and Jonty Tracey nominated Amy and Gerry & Ziggy nominated Amy and Gerry

Amy was the 9th person to be evicted from the BB house. with 58% of the vote.

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