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Day 77 aug 15th

This week it is still self improvement week ahere house mates have to compete in taskes to improve there mind body and soul.

Amanda and Sam and Ziggy have all won there tasks and are imune from eviction.. Unless all the other housemates win a task they will all be up for automatic eviction.

Liam complains of being drained because they have been living on basic rations after they failed last weeks shopping task.... Carol is moaning that housemates have been hiding food.. Carol is still moaning that the housemates have been greedy with the food and have been hiding fruit in the bedroom..

Ziggy, Liam ,Brian and Tracey are talking about Carol in the caravan about food and her being too dominent with the food and cooking.. Liam approaches Carol and starts having an argument over tea bags and breaks down in tears...again..

The self improvement shopping task this week involves a lie detector test and each housemate has to answear questions put to them by Big brother..Brian is the 1st to take the test and answears his questions with complete honesty proving he did not know who shakespear was ..
Carol was asked if she enjoyed moaning , she replyed no which was a lie..Asked if she fancied Ziggy she replyed no which was the truth.......Gerry was asked if he had a game plan which he replyed yes, which was the truth, asked if he would betray a fellow housemate to win BB he repled truthfully yes, asked if he was the most superior to his fellow housemates he replyed no which was a lie..... Liam was asked if he thinks he will win BB which he told the truth, asked if he was jelous of Brians relationship with Amanda he replyed no which was a lie....... Tracey was asked if she was lonely which she said yes and told the truth, asked if she fancied anyone she said no , which was the truth, asked if Ziggy and Chanelles relationship was geuine she was truthfull in repling yes.

The housemates won the task and Brian and Tracey were the only housemate to answear all there questions truthfully, because it was a tie the rest of the housemates had to choose who should become todays Guru. Carol, Gerry, Jonty, Kara, nominated Tracey, and Liam nominated Brain. so now Tracey is imune from this weeks eviction.

Housemates are not yet aware that two of them will be up for the public vote but "they" will have to decide which one should be evicted..

Gerry, Jonty, Kara, Sam and Amanda were called to the diary room because they had used eyemake to write names on a peice of paper which is not allowed so BB punished them all by telling them they must now be responsible for all the cooking and cleaning in the house..

Gerry tells Brian he will get booed when he leaves the house saying " they will be saying get that greek git out" and starts to break down and is comforted by Sam and Gerry but retreats to the toilet to cry alone..

Liam and Brian are in the diary room, and are bonding.. The other housemates are talking about Gerrys real age which was discovered in the lie detector test.. Gerry starts shouting at Tracey calling her a hypocrite, patronising her saying that shes just full of catch phrases. Tracey is mad at him lieing about her age and says "he winds me up" Ziggy trys to calm things down, and Tracey starts having a go at him saying he was fake and his relationship with Chanelle was fake and it was "skechy"

hmmm things are getting very sketchyy...

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