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Day 78 aug 16

Carol starts to moan that she is not allowed to do any housework or cooking and is desperate to do some form of house duties.

Ziggy is in the diary room complaining about Tracey who said that his and Chanelles relationship was not genuine.

The housemates have won a luxury shopping budget for passing this weeks mind, body and soul task.

Brian is moaning that Carol won't let him get involved in the shopping list. Ziggy calls her "a nightmare". Liam asks if they need so many tomatos with Carol saying "yes, because im a f---ing vegitarian" Brian tells her " why did you swear at me, I never swear at you" Carol then bursts in to tears saying that she does not want to get involved anymore and starts blaming all the other housemates for not doing the shopping list correct. Jonty goes to the diary room to say that Carol is a valid and needed housemate.

Carol is called to the diary room because she had biscuits which she hid in the bedroom which was not allowed as they were all told to return the food to the diary room after losing last weeks shopping task, she is also banned from helping the housemates cook and broke this ban by helping kara whisk eggs and the punishment is that the housemates will lose the £280.00 luxury shopping budget they won and will now have a basic shopping budget of £70.00. The other housemates seemed to take it very well..for now!

Ziggy is in the diary room saying "I NEED TO EAT AND YOUR PI--ING AROUND WITH MY FOOD" Big brother asks if he's ok , which he responds with"NO IM F---ING NOT OK" he then pleads to the public to put him up for eviction. Meanwhile the rest of the housemates have to re-do the shopping list.

Carol is now in the bedroom being comforted by Tracey, Carol also reckons that her and Gerry have done anough to be evicted..

Brian and Liam are in the garden singing "we got no food, we got no tobbacco" "we got no food, we got no tobbacco"

Amanda complains of being bored and Brian trys to cheer her up, Liam is in the diary room saying that "everyone was really relying on the food and its going to be a morbid week"

Carol now talks to Brian saying they really need tomatoes, Brian makes his excuses and leaves and proceeds to the garden and starts talking to himself..

The housemates are now all on the sofa playing a game of "who" Gerry asks "who eats the most food in the house" to which they all replyed "Ziggy".. Gerry asks "who has spanked the monkey the most" to which they all repled "Jonty".

Jonty shows off by telling the housemates that he memorised all the telephone codes when he was doing market research.

Gerry, Kara, and Amanda are in the diary room complaining to Big brother for the lack of food and how they are all very hungry with Big brother saying the food will be delivered tommorow with Gerry repling that "we will all be dead"

Gerry , Jonty, Carol, and Tracey are on the sofas talking about who had breakfast. Gerry said he never had any and Carol called him a f---ing liar and starts to break down in tears telling him "go tell everyone to f---ing evict me" Gerry keeps asking her to not curse to him but she just yells that all he does is moan and moan,. Tracey said "in my mind he's quite idol... Carol then goes to the bedroom and still complains about the food and biscuits.

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