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Day 82 aug 20th

Day 82, The housemates were told today that the task they have to do is called "Finishing academy" and are to have lessons in ellocution, etiquete, and table manners.and must also use words in there enitrety. The twins were told thet must use proper English when speaking from now on and must replace the word they always use which is "deffo" and say "deffinetly" and Tracey must say "having it" instaed of "avin it"

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The twins find this task hillarious.

Tracey breaks down in tears in the caravan because she says she is not able to do the task, she then is reasured by Carol and Kara that she can do it, I would have told her to "deal with it".

Carol is reading a message from Big brother telling them that there is no ban on her doing the house chores and started bossing everyone around and gave them all chores

Brian tells Tracey what Liam had told him and that was that Evicted Gerry told a few of the housemates that she cannot be trusted to which she replied "sketchy" and was not bothered. She later tells Big brother that she is not bothered about what he had said.

Amanda, Sam, Kara and Tracey are practising with the task.

Jonty takes control of teaching the boys Ziggy, Liam and Brian

As part of this weeks task the housemates must also take dance lessons, The girls were all asked to choose a partner, The twins picked Liam, Kara picked Ziggy, Carol picked Jonty and Tracey was left with Brian..

The show finished off with Amanda being called to the diary room because she has broken 12 microphones and was punished by having to speak in a loud speaker when ever she wants to talk as a punishment.

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