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Day 86 aug 24th

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The housemates were in a good mood todays after were woken up with a full pantry of food after surviving on basic rations for thee last two weeks

Liam and Ziggy are beat boxing and doing a rather good job impressing Tracey.

Brain is telling Kara that organic food is really a conspiracy and not really good food, Jonty then explains that eggs are in fact chickens periods

Carol and Liam are angry that Big brother failed to supply them with vegetarian sausages

For this weeks task a podium was set up, and a house mate was asked to come to the diary room. Sam was too scared to go, so Ziggy went meaning he had to choose in which order they placed them self's when asked by Big brother questions like, who is the most nasty, who is the best and who is the most spineless housemate. Ziggy said Carol was the best but Liam had voted himself, He said that Kara was the nastiest which he got correct

Ziggy finds it tough deciding who to pick.

Every one is anxious about where they should place themselves.

Ziggy tries to console Kara after she is upset being picked on and being voted for eviction every week being voted the most nastiest and most spitefull housemate but she surprisingly takes it quite well

For winning the task the housemates were given champagne,1 song and 6 Scotch eggs, The housemates asked for more booze and songs and have to negotiate with Big brother for more, Big brother said they could have 1 bottle of wine and 1 song in exchange for 3 boxes of crunchy nut corn flakes but managed to do another deal and have to give up cigarettes , piccalilli which Carol was not happy with for more booze

Amanda, Sam, and Carol dancing to there final song provided by Big brother

Big brother presenter Davina announces that Tracey and Kara Will be evicted, they both takes it very well

Kara is giggling away and Tracey is telling everyone to "av it".

Posing for the paps
On the couch with Davina, Tracey tells her "I knew they wanted me out. my time was up, and it's weird seeing other people"....Kara tells Davina that the house was more demanding than she thought..

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