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Day 88 aug 26th

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Liam tells Ziggy that he wished he was not so arsey in the house and talk about how nice Brian is, Ziggy tells him that hes delighted Carol is still in the house, They then start discussing nominations in code and mentions that Carol told him she voted for Ziggy and she felt bad for it.

Brian is wooing Amanda singing "umbrella" and tells her shes very special and always will be to him

Carol tells Jonty that shes been taken for a mug and that people are not being sincere and then breaks down in tears.

Ziggy tells Carol that shes irritating and controlling and he said that the others were too scared to tell her.

The twins........ looking pretty

Carol , Ziggy and Liam were called to the diary room for talking about numerous discussions regarding the nominations which is prohibited and told they will be punished later this week. Carol then stays in the diary room and asks Big brother to just punish her and then says that she wants to leave but changes her mind. They end up hugging and make up later with Ziggy apologising to her.

Carol tells Ziggy that she did not want to get involved in the conversation and starts blaming Ziggy. Ziggy tells not to start saying that and tells her that he will take the punishment and asks her to please let us not argue.

The house mates take part in an exercises class

Brian reads out instructions from Big brother which explains this weeks task and that they will be split into 3 groups, under 21s, Amanda , Sam and Brian, Over 21s Liam and Ziggy, and over 30s Carol and Jonty and when they hear the song playing they must change into there appropriate outfits within 3 minutes and perform there song provided by Big brother.

Carola and
Jonty had to sing "Island in the stream" by Dolly parton and Kenny Rogers.

The twins and Brian singing "A whole new world" by Kylie Minouge.

Amanda and Sam and Brain were voted the best performance But only one housemate must receive the reward and the twins chose themselves to win, The prize was a tea shirt with a picture of Pat from Easterners on the back of it (Pat on the back) which was very funny

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