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Day 91 aug 28th

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The twins awake to there last week in the house.

Jonty tells Big brother he wants to have a CD of all the annoying sounds that Big brother wakes them up to in the mornings.

Today's task the housemates have to make a home movie based on there time in the house and must include all the events which have taken place in the house.

Ziggy and Liam are acting out the twins entrance in the BB house where they were screaming and shouting "its pink, its pink" talking about the color of the house.

The housemates take a well deserved rest in the garden after completing today's task

Carol telling Brian she hopes hes the last person in the house as there has never been a black winner before.

The housemates are enjoying there home movie with champagne and popcorn.

The twins telling BB they loved the task and that there more intelligent than people think they are!

Ziggy and Carol having a laugh

The show finishes with Liam and Sam play fighting

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