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Day 70 aug 7th

Its all go again in the Big brother house with nominations day taking place.

Mean while Brian and Kara were transported back in time to the year 2002 and the big brother house 3 where they met Alex sibley and Adele and had to perform taskes with them.

Gerry has been arguing with Carol about the cleaning..or lack of it, with Carol saying " i don't want to upset you before nominations"
yeahh right!

Brian has finally declared his love for Amanda and hid under a cover to kiss her, while Kara has decared she fancys him too but has told Amanda she won't step on her toes!!

Jonty broke down in tears in the diary room saying "there's no-one in the house I dislike" and was comforted by Carol in the caravan.
Ziggy talked to Liam about the new housemates saying " I don't like Amy but I like Kara and Jonty."

The twins have nominated for the first time after becoming one housemate and losing there individual status.

The twins Amanda and Sam, Amy, Kara and Jonty are all up for this weeks nomination..

who goes?

You decide.........

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