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Day 93 aug 30th

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It the last day in the Big brother house and Brian was decared the winner..Here is the last days events in the most talked about house in the UK.. The housemates have one last task and must prepare a speech of there time in the BB house which they must do while having dinner..Carols speech was the best..saying in a poem and song style, "Well Jonty," she began, "Mr Hanky Spanky has gone a long long way And Sam, you've been great, and defo you'll be going a long way Liam's been the house mate, by far the most macho man But Bri, the bad boy, has walked a million miles And will walk a million more He's got lots and lots of smiles For everyone, I'm sure He's a heart of gold, and so I'm told The biggest todger of them all! And even learned to do a waltz At our lovely ball Amanda's full of beauty We won't 'cringe', no, no we won't Because we'll see you out doing your stuff, saying: Hey Carole - hey what? introduce yourself - no way Introduce yourself - okay I'm Carole, I'm cool I do aerobics in the pool But you've made me smile every day And your twin the same way..

Amandas was the short and sweet , Saying " Im just so glad, like, to be in the last house with such nice people"

Liam raises his glass for a final toast..

It gets all too much for Liam coming so far in the house. and is comforted by Ziggy.

Davina read out the news that Jonty was the person in sixth place in the final of Big Brother his face told it all. "Thought so," he said as he got up from the sofa. But just as he was getting ready to make an escape, Davina interrupted with news that the person in fifth place would be leaving at the same time. "Oh, there are two of us going," said Jonty And then Davina announced that Carole was that fifth person. She took the news with grace, before they were given less than a minute to say their goodbyes. "See ya, Carole," said Ziggy as he hugged Carole. "Thank you very much," said Jonty as he hugged Ziggy. Good luck," Carole said to the twins as she gave them a huge hug.

Ziggy has finished in fourth place and has been evicted from the Big Brother House...
When the House opened first doors the doors, 11 housemates, all of them women and Ziggy.

It was Liams turn to leave the house, coming third. He was easygoing, witty and always up for a laugh, Liam had a unique journey in the house already been awarded the first £100,000 prize earlier in the series by his fellow housemates.

He forged a firm friendship with fellow housemate Brian, Liam grew close to the twins, and spent most of his time in the House play fighting with them. He told Charley what he thought of her, became good mates with Ziggy, and managed to stay clear of most of the arguments.

When glamour girl Amy entered the House we saw a different side of Liam . He indulged in a few under the-cover tactics with his now famous cheesy line the 'wings of steel', before letting a Amy know that is was just a bit of fun and wasn't going anywhere.

Twincredible sisters Sam and Amanda have just come second. From their first squealing and entrance into the House, the twins have been one of the main highlights of this series and have provided everything from laughs to tears . They were also the only housemates to have never been nominated and they've made the word 'deffo' their trade mark.

So Brian's this years winner with 60.3% of the vote. He was the most entertaining housemate in the whole of Big Brother 8, he left us gob smacked with his lack of knowledge of Shakespeare and his love of cider. But it was Brian's love for Amanda that had us glued to the screen..After weeks of flirting with her Brian finally plucked up the courage to confess his true feelings. But Amanda said that she'd prefer them to be 'dead good friends'. His sense of, kindness, and innocence endeared him to all of us and I think we have chose a worthy winner.

Here are all the ex housemates at the live final.

Oh well, I guess we can all get our lives back now BB is over until Big brother 9, so remember to come back to hear all the latest on the very new housemates which could even be you!......

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