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Sept 7th 2007 What they did next.

Now the housemates have all left the Big brother house (been evicted) except Brian who won are keen to start some kind of celebrity status and a career in television as a presenter or any job that will stop there 15 minutes of fame finishing so they have all met up with many agents and were all offered various contracts.

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Shabnam was the 1st housemate to be evicted from the big brother house and visits a music studio trying to Lay the foundations of her pop career..which I don't think will take off some how..she lacks Shimone....

Brian is definitely having fun at his 1st photo shoot.

Charley appearing as a guest on a TV show on channel 4, to talk about racism at the Edinburgh's festival..

The twins are deffo having fun at there photo shoot.

Leslie walked out of the house after 9 days is out shopping preparing a lunch for some friends to say thank you.

Chanelle makes a guest appearing at a night club on her way to a modeling "sea side shoot" in black pool....A newspaper also had paid for her to visit L.A USA to try to meet her idol Victoria Bechkam "Posh spice" but unfortunately she only saw her idol over a balcony...but it was obvious Victoria was tring to avoid her!!

Seanny became the 2Nd house to be evicted from the house and came out of the closet while in there is at an interview at a local radio station. and then it was off to celebrate with family and friends...

Billy who was evicted day 43 and has always wanted to be a wrestler so has been given the chance to full fill his dreams and mades a very good wrestler..

Gerry has been invited to the Richard and Judy show but as Richard and Judy are away on holiday, the famous David wallium is presenting the show then it was off to appear on a local radio station.

Lea, Nikki and Eugene from the previous Big brother shows and Shabnam, Tracey, and Billy are all guest appearance on the TV show 8 out of 10 cats....some looking happy and confident and some not so!!

Seanny and Gerry have been invited to the "gay pride" and first stop was an interview at a local radio station

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