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Amanda Merchant

Amanda came joint 2nd with her twin sister Sam in this years Big brother.
They entered the big brother house 1st and both describe themselves as "twincredible". Five minutes younger than her sister, Amanda is the more dominant of the pair, but is no less addicted to boys, partying, shopping and all things pink and fluffy. They both say "If there's only one fit boy in the house we'll share him, definitely!"They went on big brother just "to have fun"

The twins are always giggling and finishing each other’s sentences and if she was interested in a male housemate "fit boy" as she likes to refer to him, she say that they’ll share him!
Soo, do you think they were childish and annoying? or incredibly sexy? Are they every man's fantasy or nightmare.? Let us know what you think.

The twins doing there 1st photo shoot since leaving the house

Amanda and her admirer Brian

Liam and Amanda flirt in the pool.

Charlie having a good old snog after a game of spin the bottle

minutes after entering the house looking very nervous

The twins visit an agency

Saying goodbye to Winner Brian after coming joint 2nd place.

The twins chat to Ian wright on Big Brothers big mouth

Amanda wins the talent show and wins a teashirt!

Amanda has to talk using a loud speaker for breaking 12 microphones as a punishment

Amanda trys to give Brian the heave ho, to no avail.

The twins have just won Guru status meaning they are exempt from this weeks eviction

Amanda and sam teaching the housemates about politics.

Amanda and Sam wearing the cheese helmet in BBs cheesy task

Brian has just declared his love for Amanda.

Amanda trys to rip off Brians shorts

The twins upset with all the latest kafuffle of BBs twists.

The twins are soo close.

Amanda reading the news from home which treally cheered them up.

Amanda looking HOT dog funny.

Amanda is being forced to wear a hot dog suit for the duration of the seven deadly sins task in an attempt by Big Brother to absolve her of pride.

Amanda has been voted as having the most pride.

The twins beauty looking pretty

Big brothers brilliantly funny amazeing task where they managed to read each others minds which was priceless viewing and there best moment to date

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