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AMY Age: 21 entered the Big brother house on day 64 and was evicted on day 73.. She's From Lincolnshire. Occupation: Glamour model Status: Single AMY is a glamour model whose aim is to become a television presenter. She has her own horses called Velvet and Arken, and has been horse-riding since the age of eight. However, if she could take anyone or anything into the house it would be her pet dog. Amy says she has a phobia of failing, and wants to be on Big Brother to make a name for herself - and make a lot of money. She says the worst job she ever did was stacking yoghurts at a supermarket, and that she’s already doing her dream job, working as a model. She is a teetotaller, and if she could be reincarnated, it would be as a boy so she could see the world through their eyes. She rates herself 10 out of 10 for attractiveness and intelligence, and while she says she has enormous respect for fellow glamour model Jordan, the person she says she would most like to have met is Oscar Wilde.
I'm sure you have views of this Big brother housemate which you can leave in the comments section below.

Amy at the live final

Amy posing for paps

Brian comforts Amy as she hears she will be the 9th person evicted.

Gerry checks that Amys all real

Amy, Sam and Kara touching up there tans.

Amy catching some rare sun rays

Liam about to impress Amy with his wings of steel..

Amy is put under the spot as Davina talks about her and Liams relationship

Amy was a guest on "the friday night project "and had to wear a coat full of dollars and run into the crowd and was mobbed.

Amy on Big brothers Big mouth

Amy is evicted

Amy tells Brian that he should wait to make love to Amanda when they are outside the house

Amy grabs hold of Liams assets.

Amy gets the giggles heaering the boys talking lad talk.

Liam takes Amy for a spin.

Amy checks and yes, alls present and correct

Amy having a cozy chat with Brian

Amy holds on to...........her chair;)

Amy strikes a pose during her glamour days

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