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Big Brother 1 Contestants - Where are they now?

Big Brother 1 was the first UK attempt of the show Big Brother. It was a considerable success. It gripped the nation as they watched the antics of nasty nick, the flirting from Mel, and the arguments from Caroline. The final night broke Channel4 viewing records, as the nation watched Craig beat Anna by just 2%. Below are profiles of the contestants.

Craig was the winner of Big Brother 1. The nation loved watching Craig on TV and were delighted when he gave his prize money to help a friend have a heart and lung transplant.
Craig owned his own building company, but always admitted he would loved to be a singer. Nowadays you can catch him presenting early morning DIY shows on BBC1.
A nice and decent guy.

Anna was runner up to Craig, with only 2% of the final votes between them. She was perhaps the funniest member in the house, and liked by all her housemates.
Before entering Big Brother, she worked for a skateboarding company - and once evicted went on to present two TV shows, Anna in Wonderland and Ask Anna
A normal and nice girl.

Darren came third place in the series. Whilst in the house he pleased the housemates with his excellent cooking, and entertained them in overcoming his fear of chickens.
Before entering the house he worked at the Millennium Dome, and since then went on to present Good Food Live and made several appearances at their road shows.
Fun and easy going.

Melanie wasn't put up for nomination until the final week. It was then that the public decided to vote her out. In the house she was best friends with Anna.
Before her BB experience she was a marketing executive, but always wanted to be a magazine writer. Mel also starred in the Big Brother Panto this year.

Claire entered the house late, as a replacement for Nick. She was a florist prior to entering the house. After she left, she started a relationship with Tom, and they moved to Spain with their new baby, but unfortunately they recently split up. She continues to do some TV work.
Who is she?

Thomas McDermott

Tom was the only housemate who lived in Ireland from the show. He started off the series as the quietest member of the house.
Before entering the BB house he worked as a computer consultant, but always dreamed of opening his own guest-house. He now has a son, Pierce with contestant Claire.
A normal down-to-earth guy

Nicola, along with her best friend Caroline were the noisiest housemates in the BB house. She was a self employed artist and designer and entered Big Brother to "become rich".
After leaving the house she worked for Armani, but left there to continue with her textiles work.
Up for a laugh fun girl

Caroline was put up for nomination every week until she was voted out the Big Brother house. She was never seen in the house without some sort of lip liner on.
She was unemployed before entering the house, but had previously worked in the Police. She went on to manage an imaging makeover studio in London.

Andrew was the 'boy racer' of the house. He was quite unpopular with many of the girls in the house, apart from Mel. He was very surprised when nominated and voted out the house. He went on to become now a brand consultant, got engaged, and had a daughter.
There were rumors of Andrew going to live in Australia at one point, but nobody's sure if he ever went.
A normal Jack the lad

Sada was the first person to be voted out the BB house. She was unhappy in the house and was thinking of leaving if she wasn't voted out.
Before entering the house she wrote a book called The Babe's Bible and went on to work in a bistro - and thinking of ideas for her second book.
Who is she?

Nasty Nick was the only member of the house to be ejected by Big Brother for cheating. The group confronted him one morning and found out his plans.
He entered the house as a Senior Broker, and since leaving the house has wrote a book and presented a television show. He is currently looking for ideas for his next show.
A BB legend.

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