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Big Brother 2 Contestants.

After the success of Big Brother 1, the minds behind Big Brother decided to do a second series. A record amount of people applied, and the producers picked a good group of people. The most memorable moments of BB2 were the new tasks, and the romance between Helen and Paul. As did the first series, BB2 broke Channel 4 viewing records.

Brian Dowling

Brian entered the house as a Air Steward, and his humour and charm had many of the nation watching the show, just to see him. He was the favourite to win, from nearly the beginning of the show. Since winning Big Brother 2, Brian has presented several TV shows. He presented SMTV on Saturday mornings until December 2003 and had his own show on ITV called Brian's Boyfriends. Catch up with the latest Brian news at Normal easy going fun guy.

Stuart Hosking

Stuart was the second oldest housemate in this series, and he became good friends with Dean. He had a big argument with Amma in week 2, but they made up in the end.
Prior to entering the house he worked as a director of a telecommunications company. Together with Dean he formed the company Z List Ltd, which produces the Tea Bag Bin.
A bit of a ponce. Up his own @ss.

Penny Ellis

Penny was the first housemate to get voted out the BB house. The main reason people voted for her is they thought she was trying to do too much and act like a motherly figure.
Before entering the house she was an English teacher at an all girls school. Penny appeared in pantomime last Christmas. Easy going and fun girl

Helen Adams

Helen, was one of the most lovable characters in the house. A hairdresser from Wales, her dream was to star in the comedy Friends. Many people found her relationship with Paul, one of the highlights of the series. After Big Brother she starred on Lorraine for a while, and was reported to be opening a hair dressing salon in London. Helen and Paul were seen on television together last August in Sky One's Celebrity Fear Factor. Very funny and cute

Dean O'Loughlin

Everyone in the house enjoyed Dean's guitar playing, and he often bought a lot of life into the house. He was often seen as a father figure to people in the house.
Before entering the house, he ran a website - and pursued a music career with his band Phony. Together with fellow housemate Stuart he formed the company Z List Ltd, which produces the Tea Bag Bin. In 2004 Dean released the book he has written about his Big Brother experience: Living in the Box, and also announced that he was recording an album in New York. Who is he, or who does he think he is!

Elizabeth Woodcock

Elizabeth was one of the quieter members of the house. She was often seen as a motherly figure of the group, helping with cooking, cleaning and group activities.
Before entering the house she worked as a website designer. After leaving the house she traveled Europe on a motorbike for charity. .Boring, nice and poncy

Paul Clarke

Paul came to the house as a car designer, and entered Big Brother for life experience. He is most remember for the relationship he formed with Helen whilst in the house, and his quote "I've lived my life like an international popstar"
He now works as a car designer, and is still in a long-term relationship with Helen. A BB  legend.

Josh Rafter

Big Brother bought Josh into the house half way through the series. He beat other standby contestants Anne and Natasha to get into the house.
Before entering the house, he worked as a director for Outlet. Since leaving the house he has done various charity events, written for magazines, as well as working for his company Outlet. Who is he?

Amma Antwi

Amma entered the house with a few secrets! Her mum didn't know she was a lap dancer and that she smoked. Amma helped the group with the Paddy task, as she has a love of dogs.
When she left the BB house, she said she wouldn't go back to lap dancing, and there were rumors that she did. She has been very quiet in the press since the series ended although had a brief acting role in 2001 in Sky One's Dream Team. It is reported that she is now studying marketing. Over the top and always up for a laugh.

Paul Ferguson (bubbles)

Bubbles was known as the most fun character in the house. Although he got on some people's nerves, he was always there when people were upset for someone to talk too. He missed his daughter lots while in the house.
Since leaving the house he has done lots of charity events and attended Guildford Drama School. In 2003 he ran the London Marathon and appeared on the Christmas edition of The Office. Bubble appeared in panto over Christmas. A normal and easy going plonka.

Narinder Kaur

Narinder was really upset about leaving so early. She the one of the only people who really said what she thought about her fellow contestants. She formed a good friendship with Brian while in the house. Before entering the house she was a medical representative, and since Big Brother ended has pursued a presenting career. Narinder presented Undercover Lovers for Trouble TV and acted in a medical drama called Kismet Road shown on the Community Channel. She also was one of the former Big Brother housemates on E4's Big Brother Panto.Another BB legend and good housmate.

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