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Big Brother 3 Contestants

The powers behind Big Brother decided to run a third series, after the first and second series were a huge success. This year went ok, but many people preferred the original format. Big Brother changed the way the show worked for the third series by adding a house divide and splitting the group up. The final night was a big hit, with Kate just beating Jonny in a close vote.

Kate Lawler

Kate was the winner of Big Brother 3 - after a close final between her and Jonny. Before entering the Big Brother House, Kate worked on an IT help desk. After winning the £70,000 - Kate has co presented a radio station with Andi Peters, and worked on the TV show RISE. Recently she starred in ITV's Celebrity Wrestling. Fun and very easy going.


Jonny was the runner up of the series, and perhaps had the biggest fan base outside the house. On the final eviction night, fire fighters were issuing free fire hats to spectators to support Jonny. Jonny took the leading roll in 'Boogie Nights' , and had a weekly show on TFM. Nice and easy going plonka.

Alex Sibley

Alex was one of the more comical people in the house. He had a very dry sense of humor, but not everyone shared this in the house, and sometimes it caused arguments. After leaving the house Alex has appeared in many TV commercial adverts, and also was out in Italy filming episodes of Wish you were here. Alex also made a guest appearance on Big brother 8. Loves himself too much.

Jade who has sadly passed away from cancer was one of those characters that people either liked or hated. She was the loudest contestant in the house, and also very funny at times. After leaving the house she has had a documentary done about 'what she did next' and currently has two children with C4 Shipwrecked star, Jeff Brazier. She appeared on Celebrity Big brother with her mother and made world headlines with a racist comments and has not been seen since. Interesting, fun and bubbly.

Tim was bought into the house after Sandy decided to leave half way through the series. He was greeted into the house by a song the contestants had made.
He then went to work in South Africa as a Merchant banker, as he completed his Business Degree three weeks before BB started... compronday!! lol? A very entertaining housemate

PJ entered the Big Brother house as a law student. He entered the house thinking he had a good chance to win. He was a big football fan, and helped the girls out in the football task. After leaving the BB house, he has looked into a career in the radio. He went on to work for a radio station in Birmingham. Boring.

Adele got her way into the Big Brother house by doing a rap for her audition tape. Before entering the house she was working as a DJ. While in the house she made good friends with Lee and Alex, and at one point had a big argument with Jade. After being evicted from the BB house, she co-presented a show called 'Attitude' and is also DJ'd on Rock FM. Adele also made appearance on Big brother 8. Boring and bitchy.

Sophie Prichard

Big Brother bought Sophie into the house, when Sunita decided to leave.
Sophie was a big hit with the men in the house when she entered, especially Lee. Before entering the house she worked for a recruitment agency, and after leaving en
ded up getting married to Lee.Nice normal lass.

Spencer Smith

The fact that Spencer was evicted quite early on came a shock to many people, as he was one of the favourites to win the show. He was quite quiet in the house and made good friends with Kate.
After leaving the house he has done lots of traveling, and worked on a Fishing Programme for Discovery TV. A funny, easy going  housemate


Lee had one of the more unusual application videos, but it attracted the attention of Big Brother! Before entering the house Lee worked as a fitness instructor. After leaving the house he got into a relationship with Sophie and is going to try and set up his own personal training business. Fun and easy going.

Alison Hammond

TAlison was evicted to early. She was one of the people who made the group happy and to work as a team. She made friends with Kate in the house. Before entering the house, Alison worked as a cinema usher, and now she is doing presenting work for 'This Morning' and lots of other TV work. Very lively and fun.

Lynne Moncrieff

Lynne was the first person to be evicted in BB3. She was evicted over Jade when the housemates had to make the decision. Lynne wasn't happy in the house and wanted to leave. Prior to entering the house she was a student studying 'History of Art' and once leaving, went to continue her studies. Who is she?


Sandy was the first person in the history of Big Brother in the UK to make an escape from the house. One morning he climbed over the wall and left!
Sandy was the oldest housemate in the house. Before entering the house he worked at Selfridges, and since leaving the house he has kept his job there and has changed his name to 'Sandy Alexander'. Very easy going.

Sunita Sharma

Sunita was the first person to leave the Big Brother house in this series. She left only a few days into the show. She didn't want to jeopardise her position as a lawyer. Since leaving the house she has continued her job. Who is she?

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