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Big Brother 4 Contestants

The summer of 2003 saw the return of Big Brother - back now for its fourth series. Many believe this to be the most disappointing series of the four entertainment wise, but the powers that be did their best to put a mix of characters into the house in attempt to liven in up. The last week saw the return of Jon Tickle, who had previously been evicted. The final night show had a great atmosphere, at the house and for people watching at home. The winner? Cameron of course!

Cameron Stout The winner

Cameron won the series in a tough final night battle with Ray, Steph and Scott. He was most recognised in the house for his morals and gentle nature towards the others. Since winning the show, Cameron has starred in several pantomimes. Funny and easy going.

Ray Shah

Fiery, Irish Ray finished runner up in the series. He played the joker in the house, and kept many of the housemates amused during their stint.
Since leaving the show, Ray has opted to stay living in Ireland -and went on to get his own radio show in Dublin. Alright.

Scott Turner

Many thought Scott would walk out the house a winner - but in the end he had to settle for third place. In the house he formed a close relationship with Nush, but outside the house it didn't last long. Scott hasn't been in the public eye much since leaving, and went on to write his own play.

Stephanie Coldicott

Bubbly Steph formed a close relationship with Cameron in the house, which gripped the nation in the last few weeks. Steph was the first to be evicted on the final night show. Since leaving the house she has done several charity events, and has started her own arts and crafts business.


Nature loving Nush was one of the most liked characters in the house. Whilst in the house, she gained information that her boyfriend had dumped her because of her relationship with Scott - which left her upset.
Since leaving the house it was rumoured she got engaged.

Lisa Jeynes

Lisa came into the series half way through, and as a result never really got to bond with the other housemates. While in the house she tried to stir things up, and as a result didn't get a good reception from the public when she left the house


Chef Gos was one of the more livelier housemates, and made a lot of friends in the house. He kept the housemates well fed during his time in the house, which they were all happy about! Since leaving the house, Gos got a job as a chef in a posh London restaurant

Tania Do-Nascimento

Tania had a somewhat famous lifestyle before entering the Big Brother house. She had formerly dated chart topper, and I'm a Celebrity star Peter Andre. Since leaving the house she has continued modelling, and got engaged to professional footballer Youseff Sofiane.

John Tickle

Ahh Mr. Tickle! What is there to say about this man that everybody doesn't already know! Most recognised for his wacky sayings, and funny persona - Jon didn't let house life affect him and went back to his job after leaving the house. He also hosted Sky One's science show Brainiac.

Federico Martone

Federico fancied himself as being the ladies man of the house. Although not everyone agreed, his witty personality livened up many an evening.
Since leaving the house Federico has done various media related jobs, and went on to present his own radio show.

Joanne Rooney

Sissy was one of the louder housemates, and her bubbly personality was what many people didn't like about her. Sissy bonded individually with each housemate and was always upset when they left. She went on to design her own range of fashionware.

Justine Sellman

Justine was the second person to be evicted from the Big Brother house - which was a surprise to many.Since leaving the house, she dated BB1 contestant Nick Bateman for a period of time and then went on to host a late night TV show.

Anouska Golebiewski

Youngest contestant Anouska was the first to be evicted from the house. From there she went to stay a week in the Big Brother Australia house and livened things up for them.

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