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Big Brother 7 Contestants

The success of Big Brother 6 inevitably led to a seventh series of the show. Big Brother 7 became the longest series yet - lasting a massive 93 days. The show followed the same format as previous years but had quite a few twists in store for the house-mates. Members of the public were given their chance to enter the house if they managed to find one of the 100 golden tickets released in Nestle KitKat bars. 14 fresh faces entered the house at Elstree Studios and were joined by 8 new house-mates as the series progressed!


Tourette's sufferer Pete entered the Big brother house as an up and coming rock star. His extravagant and fun personality made him a favorite both inside and outside of the house, eventually winning the series with 61% of the final vote. Since the show Pete has continued with his career in music, had a failed relationship with fellow contestant Nikki & plans to marry long-term friend, Gemma, in 2007. Funny and very entertaining. W@nker.

Glyn Tomos Wise

Welsh-speaker Glyn was the youngest housemate to enter on launch night. The lifeguard from Gwynedd learned a lot of domestic skills whilst in the house from other house-mates. After leaving, Glyn chose to take a gap year and has appeared in many Welsh & English TV and radio shows including an appearance on Ready, Steady Cook with fellow housemate Jennie. Very decent and honest.

Aisleyne Horgan Wallace

Promotions girl Aisleyne was a late entry to the house. She entered on Day 12 as a prize in the house-mate's Meal or No Meal task. Aisleyene was chosen to partake in Big Brother's "House Next Door" twist, whilst in the house. The highest placed female can now be seen doing glamor modeling and radio presenting. My favorite who is very sexy, smart, honest and kind.

Richard Newman

Richard was a waiter before entering the Big Brother house. He holds the record for the most escaped evictions - a whopping 6 times! He now works as a co-host on Gaydar Radio. Entertaining and fun.

Nikki Grahame

Whi is she? well, she is a former model and promotions girl who became famous for her many tantrums inside the house. she has won a National TV Award for her appearance on the show and has also had her own series 'Princess Nikki'. Very funny and entertaining.


Jennie became the youngest ever Big Brother housemate when she entered the House Next Door on Day 44. Jennie has since modeled for Zoo magazine and made numerous personal appearances. Who is she?

Imogen Thomas

Imogen is a former Miss Wales and entered the house as a bar hostess. Imogen had trouble following the house rules and wasn't allowed to nominate until Week 5. Since leaving she has had a relationship with Big Mouth host Russel Brand and a former boyfriend has leaked a sex tape on the net.  Sexy and smart.

Susie Verrico

Paying £4,000 for a golden ticket paid off for model Susie. She wasn't a popular addition to the house as far as some were concerned but got on well with the older house-mates. In her eviction interview she admitted to only entering the house for promotion. She has since appeared on Channel 4 show 'A Place in the Sun'. Err who is she?


Mikey entered the house a software developer and model from Liverpool. In the house, he formed a tight relationship with Grace and the couple are said to be engaged to be married as of October 2006. Mikey can now be caught DJing in clubs around the country. Nice and normal guy.

Glen Coroner

Dublin-born DJ & rapper 'Spiral' entered the House Next Door part-way through the series. He was evicted with "Best Friend" Michael in a double eviction. Since Big Brother, Spiral has had a top 10 hit in Ireland with debut single 'Finglas'. Entertaining.

Michael Cheshire

Michael was the 100th housemate to enter Big Brother and he finished joint 10th after being evicted alongside Spiral in an eviction twist. Michael stated that he just wanted to carry on with his normal life after leaving the show. Who is he?

Jayne kitt

Jayne was the first House Next Door resident to be 'evicted'. Having entered the main house she consistently broke the rules. Jayne has remained out of the public eye since leaving the house. Who is she?

Lea Walker

Lea was a single mother and model from Nottingham before entering the house. Whilst in the house, eyes were drawn to a commercially available pornographic film starring Lea. She now co-hosts "The Dicky & Dolly Show" on Gaydar Radio with Richard. Loud and entertaining.

Jonathan Leonard

Jonathan was the only House Next Door housemate not to make an appearance in the main Big Brother house. The bouncer from Cumbria only lasted 5 days in the house and has since continued with his normal life. Who is he?

Lisa huo

Feisty Mancunian Lisa became known for her excessive swearing in the house. The short-tempered trainee plumber caused a lot of friction in the house and there were early signs of a relationship with eventual winner Pete. Since leaving the house she has expressed an interest in TV presenting but is happy to live out a normal life.Too manic and wired.

Grace Carla Adams Short.

Grace entered the house a dance teacher from London. She formed a close bond with Mikey in the house and the couple are still together. After a night out in London Grace was assaulted - although claims the incident was not related to her appearance on the show. She also won the reality show 'Cirque de Celebrité'. One of BBs biggest b@tch.

Sam Brodie.

Sam was another late entry to the house and revealed to the house-mates she was biologically male on the night she entered the house. Sam didn't last long in the house as the house-mates found her sweet attitude to much to cope with. She has done a few personal appearances since leaving and was rumored to have gotten her best friend, Siobhan, pregnant. Freak.

Sezer Yurtseven

Sezer became one of the most unpopular Big Brother house-mates ever due to his cocky and arrogant attitude inside the house. He was voted out with a record 91.6% of the vote. In July 2006, Sezer was arrested over a second rape allegation but the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. Knob.

Bonnie Holt

Bonnie was the first housemate to enter the BB7 house and also the first evictee. Having failed to make the Big Brotherhood in Week 1, she was evicted with 78% of the vote. Since leaving Bonnie has done some modeling work and recorded a single. Who is she?

George Askew

George became the second housemate to walk from the house. His departure was quite unexpected and he stated his reasons for leaving as wanting to carry on with his private life and not wanting fame. George went back to University for 2 months, studying Contemporary Photographic Practice. Who is he?


Exercise scientist Dawn received a letter on Day 8 saying her sister was ill. Having told the house-mates the letter was a code, Big Brother ejected Dawn the next day for breaking house rules.  Who is she?

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