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Billi Bhatti

Billi Bhatti or "Massimo" as he also likes to be called enetered the big brother house in the 2nd week and was evicted from the big brother in the 3rd week. He's is a 25 year old male from Uxbridge and a model who has appeared in several music videos, including the one for Jamelia's Beware of the Dog. His model stage name is Massimo. He is a big wrestling fan, and has attended the last few Wrestle Mania events. He has a likeness for Page 3 girls. He says that "gorgeous girls, with money and attention" which make him happy.
He's a gym goer who watches his diet and fears waking up with a shaved head.He wants Big Brother to change his life - and thinks "mind games" and manipulation are the way to win the show but suspects he will be nominated for being two-faced, arrogant and vain.
He is confident, admits to being vain and says looking out for himself is number one. He enjoys going to the gym and playing football. Billie spent most of the time in the house being very creepy , that were the words of the other female housemates. He never really contributed much to the Big brother experience and was why he was evicted so early.
Do you think he's sly and creepy as the other house mates described him?Click below to comment on this "ex" big brother contestant and read about any latest news and gossip.

Billy has an opertunity to take part in wrestling which he is a big fan of.

Billy at Big brothers live final.

Billie looking happy and without his sunglasses for a change

I think this pic speaks for its self

Billly and fellow BB contestents on a tv show "8 out of 10 cats"

Billie on Big brothers Big mouth

Billie day dreaming or scheming

Billie planning his next move to manipulate the house mates

House mates say there fairwells as billie is about to be evicted.

Tracey comforts Billie after he has just been told he will be evicted

Billy performs during a BB task.

House mates say there fairwells to Billie as hes about to be evicted.

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