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Brian Belo

Brian Belo £ 100.000 Winner of BB 2007 entered the big brother house in the 2nd week. He's aged 19 from Essex works as a data clerk. He's a self confessed 'Jack the lad' who likes to dabble in a spot of cosmic ordering. He reckons he can self hypnotize and deals with boredom by "talking to my imaginary hot girls". Brian would like to think of himself as a wild child although he still lives with his mum and the thought of leaving home for university scares him. He's a leader rather than a follower and an "original party boy with alot of sex appeal".He likes Holly Valance and Big Brother! He is scared of animals and dislikes two faced people. He also claims never to have heard of Shakespear. He went on Big Brother to be a legendary housemate. Brian has spent his time in the house being a very simple down to earth house mate and has been the 1st person to try and stop the many arguments which keep taking place. Brian is a game for a laugh housemate and deserved to win.

Let us know your feelings on this house mate in the comments section below and hear all the latest news from Brian.

Brain waves to the cheering crowds

Brian and Amanda find it very emotional knowing there time in BB is over.

Sam, Amanda and Amy rip off Brians shorts.

Easy Brian taking it easy.

Big brother has just reaveiled to Brian that Pauline is a fake housemate and he must keep this secret

Brian at his 1st photo shoot since winning BB

Brian talking to Ian wright

Davina questions Brian about his relationship with Amanda.

Brian leaving the house.

The final 5

Brian pretends to ber Charley in a BB task

Brian cannot believe he has won BB

Brian hears he has just won Big brother 2007

Brain perforn a Kylie number with the twins as a task.

Brian tells Amanda how much he fancys her.

Brian and Liam get up front and very personal with Shanessa.

Brian playing the part of a news anchor in BBs task.

Brian chuffed at hearing from loved ones with a special message of support from home.

Brian with his angels, ohh "and" Charlie and Tracey also...

Brian is the "1 man band" at BBs birthday party.

A carefully placed teddy protects Brians modesty while he does this weeks nominations

Brian having fun with BBs australian theme with Ziggy and Liam,

I will let you guess whats going on here;)

Brian vexed after arguing with Charlie

Brian pretends to talk to someone on the big brother "non" working phone

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