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Carole vincent

Carole vincent was joint 5th to leave the house leaving with Jonty. She was the oldest big brother contestant since leslie left the house. She Spent most of the time being frumpy and acting like an old housewife and being too emotional, yet when she did let her "hair" down she could be a very funny and game for a laugh house mate. Carol is aged 53 single from east london/ She's a bisexual former sexual health worker and self-confessed political protester with a big heart who has frequently demonstrated passionately in support of her beliefs She doesn't suffer fools and is always happy to say exactly what is on her mind before entering the big brother house she said she wants to shake it something rotten!".."Woo, woo, milked it!" were her 1st words when she entered the big brother house. She likes Chilled out music, lovely people, good weather.Peace, harmony, tattoos and sign language and dislikes Racism, fascism and slapstick humour. the person she’d most like to meet as Nelson Mandela.. Her reasons for going on Big Brother Were to bring important issues to the public.
Whats your opinion of this big brother house mate? Are you one of her fans? ? let us know what you think in the comments below and also hear all the latest news about her also.

Carol chasing a naked Brian

Carol s all smiles while she pretends to be a news reader with messages of support for Ziggy.

Carol not looking amused

Carol eyeing up the camaras

Carol and Jinty who were evicted together talk to presenter Davina.

Carol gives a speech on her time in the house.

Carol with tracet tucking into some noodles which was a treat after winning a task.

Carol was asked if she enjoyed moaning,, she replyed no!!

Carol is very cheesed off with BBs cheesy task.

Carol bobs for Gerrys apple

Carol is looking extreamly hot.... as the cooker is on fire!!

Carol sings in BBs talent show task

Carol the pool hustler whipping Sams ass

Carol is told she can remover her gloves after she completed a task by Big brother which was to thread a needle with them on.

Carol has to waer boxing gloves and gets Sam to help dress her

Carol, Brain, and Amanda have to measure how long a peice of string is in BBs fake week, where they were punished for nothing.

Carol about to kiss a very worried Ziggy! while playing spin the bottle.

Carol takes part in the big brother task based uopn the 7 deadly sins

Carol lookin bored

Tea for one

Carol looking grumpy

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